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Free of charge for the caller

Memorable phone numbers:
  • 0800-4411111Add to cart
  • 0800-4499944Add to cart
  • 0800-5333533Add to cart
  • 0800-5552255Add to cart
  • 0800-3223223Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • 0800-4499944Add to cart
  • 0800-5552255Add to cart
  • 0800-3377337Add to cart
  • 0800-5550055Add to cart
  • 0800-4445554Add to cart

Why register an 0800 number?

Appearance and authority

A mobile number on your website comes across as amateurish. And a local number can scare off callers from outside the region. With your own 0800 number you show that you operate nationally.

Reachable anywhere

Incoming calls to your 0800 number are forwarded to your existing telephone line. You can change the number to which you divert as often as you like, in real time, by phone or via our handy app.

Works with your current phone

You do not need a new phone or another phone line for your own 0800 number. You tell us which phone your number should ring on and we will do the rest.

Take away the last barrier for your callers

A paid service number can be a reason for some callers not to call you. No call means a lost sales opportunity. Never miss a sales opportunity by being available to all your customers free of charge.

Unforgettable phone numbers

At Belfabriek you have an extensive choice of free 0800 numbers. You choose the number that will stick with your callers. For example a name number like 0800-PIZZABERLIN or an easy to remember number combination.

Most complete package of functions

We consider these important functions to be standard features of a number. With us, they are therefore all included in your fixed subscription fee:

Other providers of 0800 and 0900 numbers charge all sorts of additional fees. For example, you pay extra for a recorded welcome text, a selection menu, a call queue and the possibility to record a message. Each of these functions can cost you an extra 10 to 75 euros per month.

FeaturesBelfabriekOther Provider
Call Overflow HandlingFreeAdditional costs
Call queuesFreeAdditional costs
Call recordingFreeAdditional costs
Call statistics by emailFreeAdditional costs
Change device extensionFreeAdditional costs
Digital answering machineFreeAdditional costs
Direct Call ForwardingFreeAdditional costs
FilterFreeAdditional costs
International telephonyFreeAdditional costs
Multiple branch phone numberFreeAdditional costs
Phone menuFreeAdditional costs
Pre-announcement toneFreeAdditional costs
StatisticsFreeAdditional costs
Text message toolFreeAdditional costs
VIP listFreeAdditional costs
WebhookFreeAdditional costs
Welcome messageFreeAdditional costs
Customised telephony servicesFree & uniqueAdditional costs
Virtual callcenterFree & uniqueAdditional costs
Total subscription cost / month45 €€75 tot €150
All amounts are exclusive of VAT