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Toll free for callers


Toll free for callers

Memorable phone numbers:
  • 0800-6611166Add to cart
  • 0800-3888388Add to cart
  • 0800-5222522Add to cart
  • 0800-5555999Add to cart
  • 0800-3338883Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • 0800-VOORNAAMAdd to cart
  • 0800-WEDSTRIJDAdd to cart
  • 0800-AMBULANCEAdd to cart
  • 0800-ZEVENDEAdd to cart
  • 0800-CENTRUMAdd to cart

Apply for a 0800 number? This is how it works:

Do you want to use a 0800 number? More and more companies are using a 0800 number for a low-threshold, nationwide presence. Letting customers call for free if they have questions about your products or services, like the 0800-COCACOLA number of soft drink manufacturer Coca Cola. 0800 numbers cost 45 euros per month at Belfabriek. And all functions are included.

Choose your favourite 0800 number

Above you will find an overview of free 0800 numbers available nationwide. Register a number on your company name and your 0800 number will be in the air within 3-4 weeks. The 0800 number then runs on our cloud platform and benefits from all the handy options. For example, you can record calls, implement a queue or work with a welcome text. There are no extra costs involved. So whether you want to support a campaign, handle sales calls, offer customer service or take reservations; with a 0800 number from Belfabriek you will deliver professional telephone service.

What do 0800 numbers cost?

A 0800 number costs 45 euros per month. All advanced functions and tools are included in these 0800 numbers. Of course, as a 0800 number owner, you pay the costs that your callers make. For each 0800 call you pay 4 cents for start-up costs. Per minute, 7 cents are charged during office hours and 5 cents during evenings and weekends. We charge this neatly per second.

  • How does the application for my 0800 number work?

  • You order your 0800 number in three quick steps

  • And you receive a confirmation by e-mail

  • After 3-4 weeks, your 0800 number is in the air

  • We will of course confirm this via e-mail

Good to know

0800 numbers run in the cloud and are forwarded to your current telephones. These can be landline telephones, but also mobile ones. And switch between them. It doesn't matter whether you have a traditional, ISDN or VOIP connection. And you don't need anything else. No extra bells and whistles either, because call queues, welcome messages and call recordings, among other things, all run via our platform. Without additional costs.

Would you like to know more?

Call us for advice for which we serve a virtual cup of coffee!

Advantages of a 0800 number:

Appearance and authority

A mobile number on your website comes across as amateurish. And a local number can scare off callers from outside the region. With your own 0800 number you show that you operate nationally.

Remove the last barrier for your callers

A paid service number can be a reason for some callers not to call. No call means a lost sales opportunity. Never miss a sales opportunity by being available to all your customers free of charge.

Reachable anywhere

Incoming calls to your 0800 number are forwarded to your existing telephone line. You can change the phone you redirect to as often as you like: in real time, by phone or via our handy app.

Unforgettable phone numbers

With Belfabriek you will have an extensive choice of all free 0800 numbers within The Netherlands. You choose the number that sticks in the minds of callers. For example, a name number like 0800-PIZZA or an easy to remember number combination.

Works with your current telephones

You do not need a new telephone or another telephone line for your own 0800 number. You indicate the phones on which your number must ring and we will do the rest!


€45,-per month Traffic costs: 7 cents per minute peak - 5 cents off-peak - 4 cents per call. When delivered on mobile: 14 cents per minute surcharge. Settlement per second. Your callers call for free All possible functions included One-time connection fee of €90 Register now and pay no connection fee