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RingCentral is a unified communications solution that allows users to record and make business calls, voice messages, faxes and text messages anywhere.


RingCentral is a unified communications solution that allows users to record and make business calls, voice messages, faxes, and text messages anywhere. Organizations of all sizes can empower their employees to improve communication with their customers, partners, and colleagues by enabling them to work from any device and at any location.

RingCentral offers a comprehensive feature set that optimizes business communications by converting BYOD (bring your own device to work) devices to business phones, allowing users to manage the entire business phone system from their own desktop computer or smart device, anywhere in the world. Users can add and switch other users, manage extensions and groups, assign phones, and more. Employees can also check corporate voicemail on the platform, send and receive corporate faxes and access the company's contact list.

Using the conferencing features of RingCentral, users can set up or join video or voice conferences and online meetings. Organizations can give their business a local presence with multiple available local, toll-free and international numbers. Teams can use RingCentral as a collaborative cloud workspace to manage projects and share files more productively using their favorite accessory or device.

Call management features can be customized by configuring answer rules, call forwarding, message notifications, and missed call notifications. Additional features include automatic call pick-up, call forwarding, a call waiting for function, and call screening, as well as shared lines, intercom, and paging. The solution also allows users to send and receive text messages via the company's business number. RingCentral offers native mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices.

What kind of companies is RingCentral suitable for?

All sizes of companies, from freelancers to SMEs and large companies.

Company details RingCentral

Founded in 1999
Located in Belmont, USA

Free Trial: Yes, 14 days
Pricing: Starting at 19.99 USD per user per month

Frequently asked questions

Yes, it is possible to register your business phone number(s) at Belfabriek and connect it to your existing RingCentral set-up.

Contact us to discuss your situation and how we can help you set-up an ideal telephony solution for your company.

Yes, for Android and iOS.

Integration is possible with: Dropbox Business, Box,, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Zendesk

RingCentral offers support via e-mail, forum, telephone, and live chat.

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