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2Solar is a cloud-based ERP platform with functionalities dedicated to the solar panel market.


2Solar is a cloud-based ERP platform with functionalities dedicated to the solar panel market. Among other things, there is a special module to create a customised laying plan. Back office includes CRM, contract management, invoicing and management reporting.

The CRM module includes a flexible workflow that can be adapted to working methods already in use. The module also includes a database with all available solar products, which prevents a lot of manual input. The digital inspection form can be accessed via tablet or smartphone. In the design module, a panel laying plan is prepared using aerial photos, LiDAR 3D data and PVGIS software.

2Solar works with customisable role-based authorisations, so that it can be set who is allowed to see what. The platform provides all processes, but customised integration with other systems can be provided if required.

What kind of companies is 2Solar suitable for?

2Solar is suitable for the private and business market as well as for housing associations and municipal and new-build projects.

Company details 2Solar

Founded: 2013
Headquarters: Zwolle, The Netherlands

Free Trial: Yes, 7 days.
Pricing: On request

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