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We give your company a nice business or local number and deliver the incoming calls to your mobile, landline or app: what you want and how you want. With our apps (we have several) you control the order in which calls are delivered to your call team. Build your own (mini) call center!

We have great solutions for home workers, organizations with 1 or more office locations and for SMEs.

Contact us and choose the app and number that suits you!

Phone numbers

We take care of the registration and activation of telephone numbers in all European countries.


Shared call costs

Memorable phone numbers:
  • 085-4008787Add to cart
  • 085-4000305Add to cart
  • 085-4000365Add to cart
  • 085-4003397Add to cart
  • 085-4006444Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • 085-4000305Add to cart
  • 085-4003397Add to cart
  • 085-4004996Add to cart
  • 085-4006969Add to cart
  • 085-4008686Add to cart

Advantageous flat rate

Memorable phone numbers:
  • 078-250618Add to cart
  • 078-250211Add to cart
  • 078-250625Add to cart
  • 078-250406Add to cart
  • 078-250614Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • 078-250261Add to cart
  • 078-250541Add to cart
  • 078-250426Add to cart
  • 078-250377Add to cart
  • 078-250221Add to cart

Advantageous flat rate

Memorable phone numbers:
  • 032-4411111Add to cart
  • 032-5333533Add to cart
  • 032-3223223Add to cart
  • 032-3333388Add to cart
  • 032-3338883Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • 032-4499944Add to cart
  • 032-5552255Add to cart
  • 032-3377337Add to cart
  • 032-5550055Add to cart
  • 032-4445554Add to cart

Belfabriek Telephone System

The most modern cloud telephony system available in 2022. Works with all devices, home and office.

Try without obligation!

Works Anywhere

A cloud-based phone system that works for all employees: home and office.

The latest voice-over-IP device for your desktop

Your business number on your mobile

Install the Belfabriek software on your desktop or laptop and you can call directly with a headset

Install the Belfabriek app on your mobile (Android/iOS)

Handy in Use

All included

Different businesses need different phone features. We offer them all, at any location

  • Let employees make calls at the home office

  • Let employees make calls at the office

  • All devices can be part of the group

  • Existing mobile devices are also part of the team

Also included:

  • Our fantastic support, by phone and email

  • You manage, or we manage for you

Deployment & Installation

The configuration and shipping of your voice-over-IP phones is done from our own distribution center. This assures you of the latest pre-configured phones and fast delivery. We ship them either to your business location or to your employees' home workstations, or to different offices in different countries: you name it.

You can easily expand and add phones. Numbers in other countries are also available on request.


  • Quick and easy access to the latest devices at the office

  • Preconfigured and remotely manageable

  • Regularly new features and updates

Try out the Belfabriek system today!

A system that works for all employees: home and office.

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