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You choose a business telephone number mainly to optimise the accessibility of your company. You want to answer more callers and be of better service to them. But how do you know whether you are achieving the intended goals? Indeed: measuring is knowing.

One of the most used Belfabriek features is the statistics dashboard. Here you can see exactly who called, when, for how long and from where. For your convenience, we put the 'top scorers' in rankings so you can see at a glance how well your telephone department is performing or who the callbackers are. You can also see immediately what the busiest days of the week are and what the busiest times of day are. Handy for fine-tuning the staffing. What is the best time to take a break?

The advantages

Here are the biggest advantages of Belfabriek statistics:

Streamline your service

Know who generates the most and the least callbacks. Use this information to make your phone menu more efficient.

Know your regular callers

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and learn which ads generate the most call traffic.

Accessible offline

Do you want to perform more advanced analyses? At the push of a button you can download the data in Excel or XML format. Import the data in your own software to apply your own filters and calculations.

Take immediate action

Because our statistics are in real-time you can instantly respond to peaks, e.g. by allocating additional employees.

Always sufficient staff

The statistics give you insight into weekly call patterns. Some days are slow, others are busier and require a larger staff.

Powerful combinations with other features

These statistics are invaluable; they can be the foundation for decisions that continuously improve your phone service. And by combining them with other features included with your business number, you can build an amazing business phone system.

You don’t have to constantly log in to read your statistics. One of the many options we present our entrepreneur customers, is to schedule automated reports: have daily, weekly or monthly reports of key statistics delivered to your email address.

When you activate call recording, Belfabriek will save audio files of your calls. You can combine this feature with your statistics to ascertain why certain calls take so long, or why a specific customer repeatedly calls back.

Real-time integration in your own software environment

Would you like to integrate the power of our advanced statistics into your own software environment? No problem. Our statistics API enables you to import the data for use with your own software or applications. This unlocks infinite possibilities to expand and combine your statistics. 

24/7 access to your statistics

Belfabriek customers can login at any time to check up on their business phone number. And if you don’t already have a Belfabriek business number? See which 0800, local and national numbers are currently available. Our transparent prices and comprehensive feature set have already appealed to thousands of businesses, both large and small !

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