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Call statistics

You have a business phone number so that your customers can reach you easily.

You want to talk to more callers and serve them better. But how do you know if you are achieving your goals? Measuring is knowing.

One of the most used Belfabriek features is the call statistics dashboard.

It shows exactly who called whom, when and for how long.
For your convenience, we rank the 'top scorers' so you can see at a glance how well your telephone support department is performing or who the callbacks are.
You can also see which are the busiest days of the week and the busiest times of the day. Handy for fine-tuning staffing levels. When is the best time to take a break?

The benefits

Here are the main benefits of Belfabriek call statistics:

Optimise your service

See which phones and branches get the most callers. With this information, you then streamline the phone menu.

Know your regular callers

Measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and see which ads attract a lot of call traffic.

Accessible offline

Want more powerful analysis? Download statistics in Excel or XML format at the touch of a button. You can then apply your own calculations and filters.

Powerful combinations with other features

On their own, the extensive statistics are worth their weight in gold; they provide the basis for important decisions that help you to constantly improve your telephone service. Combined with the other features you get with your business phone number, you thus build a great business telephony system.

For example, it is not necessary to log in all the time for an overview of statistics. One of the many options you have as an entrepreneur is to receive periodic e-mail reports: daily, weekly or monthly, you will receive the most important statistics.

With the call recording function enabled, the Belfabriek saves audio recordings of the calls made. Link the statistics to this and you know exactly why that one call took so long or why that particular customer called so often.

Real-time integration with your software environment

Do you want to use our comprehensive statistics in your own software environment? That's no problem either. Our Statistics API allows you to integrate this data into your own software or applications. This allows for endless extensions and combinations of statistics.

Check your call statistics now

Belfabriek customers can log in at any time and see how their number is doing. Don't have a business phone number hosted at the Belfabriek yet? Then check out the great phone numbers currently available!

Frequently asked questions:

Full call statistics are included in your subscription. We want everyone to be able to see good data on the number of calls, call duration and which employees are receiving which calls.

All branches are connected to the comprehensive call statistics system. You can see exactly which branch is receiving how many calls. Marketers find this information very valuable and can put it to good use.

If you use a separate phone number for each media channel, our call statistics will tell you which channel is bringing in the most customers. You can also see whether someone is calling from a mobile or a landline, which can be useful for media selection.

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