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Greeting message

Spoken greeting messages is one of those features that every Belfabriek customer uses

You can record your own greeting message or hire a voice actor to record your text for you.

And of course we’ll gladly help you find the perfect voice. Let us know if you’re looking for a male of female voice, send us your text and we’ll provide a quote. It usually takes just a few days to have your greeting message up and running.

Real-life examples

For a neutral professional image, we recommend using a professional voice actor. These are the voice actors that Belfabriek works with.

The advantages

Put callers at ease

Your callers are reassured that they have called the right number, and a carefully chosen voice exudes professionalism.

Let your callers know what to expect

Greeting messages are often used to inform callers that their conversation may be recorded and for what purpose. This also puts callers at ease; they are dealing with a professional and transparent organization.

An opportunity to share some extra information

Would you like to announce a special promotion or product? A greeting message can be just the right time to do that.

Increase your brand recognition

A well crafted text, that repeats your brand name or important aspects of your communication, enhances callers’ awareness of your brand and values.

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If you’re not a Belfabriek customer yet, check our well organized webstore for available numbers (0800, national and local). If you have any questions, or would like to hear a sample greeting message, call us toll free at 0800-235 3227.