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Welcome message

"Thank you for calling..." is the first thing you hear when you call a professional organisation. 

A recorded welcome text is one of the features used by every Belfabriek customer.
You can record your own welcome messages or have them recorded by a professional voice.

Of course we can help you with such a 'voice'. Tell us if you want a female or male voice, provide us with your announcement text in a document and we will ask for a quotation. Often, within a few days, this welcome message will be on your telephone number!

What we can also do is if you don't want to incur the cost of a professional voice and also don't want to record yourself, we can have the computer speak your text. This sounds perfect in 2022 and is now the most used option. Check out our text to speech bot !

The advantages

Put callers at ease

Your callers are reassured that they have called the right number, and a carefully chosen voice shows professionalism.

Let your callers know what to expect

Greeting messages are often used to inform callers that their conversation may be recorded and for what purpose. This also puts callers at ease; they are dealing with a professional and transparent organization.

An opportunity to share some extra information

Would you like to announce a special promotion or product? A greeting message can be just the right time to do that.

Increase your brand recognition

By using a clever text that repeats the brand name or key elements of your communication, you increase callers' awareness of your brand and your values.

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