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Phone menu

Customers or business partners like to have someone on the phone as soon as possible. But not every employee knows how to answer every question.

With a phone menu, you put callers through to the right person or department as quickly as possible.

A menu actually consists of two parts: a spoken text that tells callers what the options are and a computer that processes the choices. For example: "Do you have questions about the invoice? Then dial 3." In this way, callers are quickly connected. A choice menu can consist of up to 10 choices, in which case all the keys on the telephone will have been used. We can also place a choice menu within a choice menu. The first choice menu then asks for example the language of the caller, to ask in the second choice menu which department they want.

The advantages

It’s important to your callers and to your organization to help callers quickly. A properly implemented phone menu benefits everyone.

First time right

If you want to annoy customers, make them repeat the purpose of their call. A phone menu will connect callers to the right person first time, so you can instantly start addressing their needs

Seamless integration with other features

You can also combine a phone menu with other features in your subscription: for example a call queue, a business hours announcement, a digital answering machine and call recording. 

A calm work floor

A phone menu also creates calm on the work floor; employees can focus more intensively on calls relevant to their expertise, and only have to patch the occasional call through to colleagues.

Handling peak telephone calls

Menu options don’t necessarily have to direct calls to your employees. During peak times, you can choose to divert specific inquiries (menu options) to a recorded message, or to your digital answering machine. An alternative solution that still helps callers quickly and efficiently.

We build it for you

We activate a phone menu for you the same day on a phone number. You speak the text for the menu yourself or it is pronounced by our text-to-speech speechbot.

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