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Phone menu

Customers and business partners want to speak to someone as soon as possible. But not every agent knows how to answer every question.

With a phone menu, you can direct callers to the right person or department as quickly as possible.

A phone menu consists of two parts: a spoken text that tells the caller what options are available, and a computer that processes the choices.

For example, "Do you have questions about your bill? Then dial 3". In this way, callers are quickly connected.

A phone menu can have up to 10 choices, after which all the keys on the phone have been used. We can also place a phone menu within a phone menu. For example, the first option menu asks for the language of the caller and the second option menu asks for the department.


It is in the caller's interest to be helped quickly. Giving callers a phone menu with good options is a positive experience.

Help in one go

Nothing is more annoying to callers than being told the same thing twice. A phone menu directs callers to the right agent who can help them in the right way. And they can be anywhere: in the office, at home or on the road.

Combine seamlessly with other features

A phone menu can easily be combined with any of the other features in your package: call queue, voicemail, digital voicemail and call recording.

Calm in the department

A good phone menu creates peace and quiet in the department; your colleagues only take the calls that are relevant to them and have to transfer callers as little as possible.

Manage call peaks

A number key does not always have to lead to a member of staff. During busy periods, you can also record messages for specific cases or play a pre-recorded announcement. This is another way of helping callers quickly and efficiently.

We build it for you

We activate a phone menu for you on a phone number on the same day. You can speak the menu text yourself or have it spoken by our text-to-speech speechbot.

Frequently asked questions:

Send us the different options and the corresponding people or departments and phone numbers and we will programme it for you within 1 working day.

There are several options: we can have the text spoken by our computer (which sounds perfect), we can have it spoken by a professional voice actor or you can speak it on your own mobile phone and send us the sound recording.

After you have used your first phone menu for a while, you will want to change or adjust the options that callers can choose from. Of course you can. We can do this for you within 1 working day or you can easily do it yourself.

The number of options available to callers can also be adjusted at any time. You can easily make a virtual department more or less.

Telephone numbers that are answered in several languages often have several phone menus active. The first phone menu is often used to select the language (dial 1 for Dutch, dial 2 for English).

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