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We take care of the registration and activation of telephone numbers in Europe.

With our apps, you can easily regulate all incoming call traffic!


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Advantages of requesting a phone number from Belfabriek

  • No new hardware or phones needed

  • No software installation needed

  • Manage your phone numbers online or via the app

  • Retention of phone numbers possible

Case studies from our customers

Clients use our business phone numbers for the following purposes:

  • Assigning evening and weekend shifts within a GP practice

  • Distribute high volume telephone traffic to call centres, e.g. for TV commercials

  • Setting up a virtual call centre with the use of homeworkers

  • Emergency numbers

  • Forwarding to the nearest branch based on postal code for a pizza phone number

  • Deliver crates of beer day and night via a nationwide network of beer distributors

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Most complete package of functions

We consider these important functions to be standard features of a number. With us, they are therefore all included in your fixed subscription fee:

Other providers of business phone numbers charge all sorts of additional fees. For example, you pay extra for a recorded welcome text, a selection menu, a call queue and the possibility to record a message. Each of these functions can cost you an extra 10 to 75 euros per month.

FeaturesBelfabriekOther Provider
Call filterFreeAdditional costs
Call overflow handlingFreeAdditional costs
Call recordingFreeAdditional costs
Call statisticsFreeAdditional costs
Caller queueFreeAdditional costs
Central Branch Phone NumberFreeAdditional costs
Change destinationFreeAdditional costs
Direct forwardFreeAdditional costs
International telephonyFreeAdditional costs
Phone menuFreeAdditional costs
SMS sending toolFreeAdditional costs
Statistics by e-mailFreeAdditional costs
Text to speech botFreeAdditional costs
VIP WhitelistFreeAdditional costs
Virtual callcenterFreeAdditional costs
VoicemailFreeAdditional costs
WebhookFreeAdditional costs
Welcome messageFreeAdditional costs
WhisperFreeAdditional costs
Customised telephony servicesFree & uniqueAdditional costs
Total subscription cost / month45 €€75 tot €150
All amounts are exclusive of VAT

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