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Are there callers that you would rather not give access to a certain number for whatever reason? You can easily block them with the call filter function. This way you keep your phones free for the callers that are important.

Call filters from Belfabriek work simply and effectively. You can compose temporary or permanent lists with phone numbers for which your phone number is not reachable. The caller who calls from one of these numbers, will hear a tape with a message. This may be another number to call or a message that the number is only for customers.

The advantages

Only authorized callers

Your employees can focus their attention on authorized callers (e.g. only customers). Your customers will notice the smile this puts on their faces.

Improved focus

Unwanted calls are a distraction to your agents. A blacklist ensures that they can remain focused on providing quality service.

Better service

The increased job satisfaction, heightened concentration and reduced time pressure mean your agents can provide better service.

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