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Direct callforwarding

Your company number is a virtual number. This means that every incoming call is redirected to another device. That can be a landline, but also a mobile phone or a call centre in another country. As the owner of the business number, you determine where callers end up.

Direct call forwarding is one of the most frequently used functions of our platform, used by both small and large organisations.
Its simplicity and ease of use means that start-up companies in particular can use it straightaway, with the option of adding extra options later.

In the start-up phase, we first switch to your mobile phone. If you also want VoIP telephones at a later stage, we include these in your calling plan. In this way, we can programme the most advanced telephone circuits on the basis of different devices. This way, you are always flexible when it comes to forwarding calls.

The advantages

You want maximum control over your business number

The direct forwarding feature ensures that every call goes to the right phone.

Take calls anywhere

Wherever you are, you can use our apps to easily and instantly update your forwarding number. Incoming calls are always routed to the phone you specify. 

Your number moves with you

Your business number is a virtual number and you set the end point yourself with direct forwarding. This makes it location independent. If your business moves, you can take your phone number with you.


Your Belfabriek business number will grow with your organisation. When you hire additional employees, simply add their phones to your business number to expand your capacity.

Optimal customer contact

Better service leads to more sales. Taking your (potential) customers’ calls quickly is key to building and maintaining a customer friendly reputation.

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Direct forwarding is the quickest and easiest way to get started with your phone number. And if you want to use one of the many extra features Belfabriek has to offer later on, you always can. If you want to have maximum control over your telephone accessibility Belfabriek is the ideal partner. Direct call forwarding is available for all 0800, national, international and local numbers.

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