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Call overflow handling

A hugely successful marketing campaign?
Free national media publicity?
A Google Ads campaign that performs well?
Glowing reviews on a comparison site?

There are all sorts of reasons why inbound phone traffic can suddenly spike. While this is obviously good news - the more people who know how to find your business, the better - it is essential that all those callers are well served. But how do you do that?

A traditional telephone system is not the answer. That's because they always have limited capacity.

With Belfabriek, this is not a problem. When things suddenly get busy, the calls just keep coming in. This is the advantage of our cloud service and direct interconnection with various telephone networks. In addition, we can quickly and efficiently distribute traffic and 'pin' functions such as queuing or routing to another branch or call centre.

Guaranteed coverage, even at peak times

Although our basic capacity is huge, there may be times when the network 'fills up'. But even with thousands of calls, we can accommodate this for you. In the vast majority of cases - including national promotions by large organisations - our standard telephony solutions are more than adequate. So let the rush begin!

Busier, not more expensive

More good news: switching call queues on and off, for example, is not only quick, it costs nothing. In fact, this option - and many other useful features - is included in the Belfabriek subscription. So you want your number to always have enough inbound capacity? And the flexibility to route and/or queue calls during busy times? The Belfabriek is happy to catch the rush for you!

Activate your overload management

Busy handling is included in the Belfabriek subscription. You can activate it at any time without paying extra.

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