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      As an organization you want to get more out of your telephone number. Whether it's about more sales, better support or better service, the question is always: how do I improve my telephone customer contact?

      Good customer contact starts with a well organised telephone number Your phone number is an important part of your appearance. A mobile number on your website comes across as amateurish. Perhaps a local phone number to attract customers from other regions? Or a national service number to show that you operate nationwide. As a number owner you are looking for a reliable party that can give you good advice on the choice and registration of your number and all its functions.

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      About CallFactory

      Since 2000 CallFactory has been fully specialized in registering, setting up and maintaining all sorts of memorable business phone numbers. For our own customer contact, we have been using such name numbers as 0800-CALLFACTORY, 0800-ADMINISTRATION and 0800-FAXMACHINE right from the start. By now we have connected more than 6000 contact numbers, have grown into a company with satisfied customers in many countries, and offer much more than just phone numbers. Our Interactive Voice Response platform is connected to multiple global providers and is easily accessible from most countries in the world. This allows us to offer service numbers and local numbers in over 26 countries and deliver calls to the country of origin. Belfabriek at the moment has branches and operates in the following countries:

      Germany: (0800, 032 numbers)

      Belgium: (0800, 078 numbers)

      Austria: (0800, 0720 numbers)

      France: (0800, 09 numbers)

      Spain: (900, 902 numbers)

      Sweden: (010, 020 numbers)

      Finland: (075 numbers)

      Poland: (800 numbers)

      Bulgaria: (0700, 0800 numbers)

      Ireland: (0800, 0818 numbers)

      Our platform connects incoming calls to any location and adds extensive IVR functionalities, such as a choice menu, a digital answering machine, call queue, call recording, and more. Other providers charge extra for these services, but we think these are important features that come standard with a number. That is why we offer a comprehensive package of features included with your subscription. In our number shops you will immediately see which memorable vanity telephone numbers are still available today. You can order your own number quickly and easily online. If you want to get started with your own number right away, a national number is perfect. We can deliver these from stock and usually they can be connected within 1 working day. Available numbers in the most popular countries can be found on our numbers abroad page. In most cases we can have these numbers available within 3 working days. Do you have questions about our services and products? Then feel free to contact us.

      Some practical examples of good customer contact

      Did you know that every day companies register their phonenumber with CallFactory? Apart from an unforgettable number, your telephone customer contact should be perfectly adapted to your organization and its specific needs. Number owners who are serious about their customer contact by phone therefore choose a provider with experience. With a history of almost 20 years, CallFactory is a veteran in the field of service numbers. Without the many satisfied customers, this would never have been possible.

      • Dutch super market chain Albert Heijn uses a toll free 0800 number for its customer service

      • Dutch book chain Bruna has a 0900 number for questions and complaints

      • Canon Netherlands answers questions of customers via the easy to remember number 0800-CANON4U

      • The municipality of Haarlemmermeer uses national 088 numbers to perfectly regulate its healthcare accessibility

      • Dutch bank ING has separate 0900 numbers for business and private callers

      • Supermarket chain Lidl Netherlands answers questions, complaints and suggestions on its toll-free number 0800-LIDLINFO

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