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Customised telephony services

As a customer at Belfabriek you get access to many convenient telephony features. This makes it possible that your telephone number grows with your organisation.

For most Belfabriek customers the standard functions are sufficient, but every organisation is of course unique. Thanks to our IVR system we can build custom functions for everyone.

We also help many organisations who started building on telephony platforms like Twillio themselves, but got stuck in the end, or find the maintenance too much (or the sky-high prices for support).

If you are missing a feature, Belfabriek can tailor make it for you. Our programming team has already built several unique features for clients on our IVR platform.

There are no limits to what an IVR system can do: it's much more flexible and extensive than a telephone switchboard. If you think of it, we will program it for you at a competitive rate.

Examples of our custom phone numbers:

Incident reporting

Incidents can happen and often callers just want to know if you are already aware of an existing problem. They also like to get confirmation that you are working on resolving this incident. In such cases, an automated incident line is a good solution. You record a message once and, after listening to it, callers can decide whether they want to end the call or speak to a member of staff.

Sending extra information by SMS

Providing information by phone is the core business of many of our customers. But often callers appreciate a written confirmation. This can be done, for example, by sending an SMS after the call with confirmation or additional information. With a link between your database and our platform, this is very easy.

Self-service credit card activation

By cleverly combining a telephone number with an IVR system linked to a database, customers of a credit card company can activate their credit card themselves, day and night.

Phone orders

Let your customers buy your products or services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a unique customer code and article codes, they can place orders over the phone.

Submit meter readings

How much energy have you used this year? A question that meter readers of an energy company no longer have to ask, thanks to the link between the service number and the company's database. You simply enter the meter reading yourself over the phone.

Automated call system

It is often important to be able to quickly call up several people at once. With an automated call system, for example, you have the right people in the right place at the right time in case of emergencies.

Balance inquiries

Apart from viewing bank balances online, it is also convenient for customers to be able to call their bank balances via the bank's service number and a secure system.

Let us know what you need !

As you can see from the examples above, the possibilities are endless. What kind of telephone functionality would you like to offer your callers? Present us with your idea and we will program it!

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