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Making a call with a desk phone

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Calling with a hardphone

What are hardphones? Simple: telephones that have been on almost all desks since, say, the 1950s. They have served us well there for decades. And they still do, despite the rapid rise of softphones. While we're convinced that softphones, as affordable as they are comprehensive, are the future, there's nothing wrong with a good desk phone. But which desk phone should you choose?

Almost all desktop devices sold today are VoIP devices. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. These are telephones that enable voice traffic over the Internet. Each VoIP desktop phone converts voice into data packets that are transported over the Internet. A VoIP hardphone is connected to the local (company) network and makes a digital internet connection with the actual telephone network. This is done fully automatically via a user name and password. This is called a VoIP account.

Which VoIP phone should I choose?

That depends very much on your requirements. There are a large number of brands which all offer high-quality VoIP hardphones. Belfabriek has a slight preference for Yealink hardphones. Because of their good quality and reliability, but also because every ICT-provider knows the devices and therefore knows how to install them.

About the installation

No matter how many VoIP phones you need, installation is easy to do yourself. Which, of course, saves you money. The procedure is always similar: you enter a user name and password for each hardphone, and then the device logs on to the telephone network via the Internet. Update May 2021: We can now send you the phones pre-configured! Send phones to your office, home office or wherever you want and we will provide you with a plug'n'call experience!

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