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Call statistics by email

Our comprehensive statistics are one of the most important functions of Belfabriek.

In addition to viewing the call statistics online in the control panel, you can choose to receive them by e-mail on a daily or weekly basis. The call statistics by e-mail give you a summary of the most important statistics such as: call duration, locations of the callers and progress of the number of calls per day of the week. So you can see at a glance exactly what the busiest times of day are, the busiest days of the week and who calls the most !

The advantages

Automated reports

Have the call statistics sent to you. You will receive the reports punctually every day or week in your e-mail.

You choose when

You can set how frequently you want to receive these statistical reports. You can choose daily, weekly or monthly.

Multiple recipients

You can also choose to share your call statistics with other interested parties. Let colleagues in on the information, simply by adding their email addresses.

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