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VIP list

Do you want to grant access to your business telephone number only to a certain group of contacts? With a VIP list you ensure that the lines remain free for whom your telephone number is intended.

With a VIP list, you can create a list of phone numbers that you can only reach through this special number. All other callers will then receive an automatic notification while you keep the lines free for that one special group of contacts. Do you want to set up a service line for existing customers only? Then add these phone numbers to the whitelist.  It may sound a bit James Bond, but VIP routing can turn your special relations into telephone VIPs!

The advantages


With VIP routing, you offer your contacts the special treatment you want. Only those numbers on the list have access to your telephone service.

Premium service

By focusing only on the most important contacts, you give them your undivided attention and the very best service.

For every type of number

Like the other functions of Belfabriek, VIP routing works with any type of number: national, local or international.

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