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VIP Whitelist

Do you want to restrict access to your business number to a specific group of contacts? With a VIP whitelist, you can ensure that the lines your number is intended for remain free.

A VIP whitelist allows you to create a list of phone numbers where you can only be reached on that specific number. All other callers are then automatically notified, while you keep the lines free for this special group of contacts.

Want to set up a service line for existing customers only? Add those numbers to the whitelist.

It may sound a bit James Bond, but VIP routing can turn your special contacts into telephone VIPs!



VIP routing allows you to give your contacts the special treatment they deserve. Only the numbers on the list have access to your telephone service.

Best service

By focusing exclusively on your most important contacts, you can give them your undivided attention and the very best service.

For every type of number

VIP routing, like the other Belfabriek features, works with any type of number: national, local or international.

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