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Text to speech bot

Let the computer speak your text. It is indistinguishable from a real voice!

Want a welcome message on your phone number? Not a fan of your own voice? And is hiring a professional voice actor a little too expensive?

Or do you change your messages regularly and need to update them quickly?

Then our text to speech solution is for you!

Send us an email with the words you want our voice bot to say ('Thank you for calling our webshop') and we will turn it into a speech file that is indistinguishable from a real voice!

Frequently asked questions:

There is no charge for this service. Type in the text you want spoken above and select a voice. Press the play button and wait for the file to be generated. Then press the play button again to play the file.

You will see a unique letter code appear each time you create a file. Write or copy this code down somewhere (for example, in your Notes or Word document). Also copy this code into our online phone system at the function where you want to use it. Done! Of course, you can also email us the code and we'll get started for you.

There is no limit to the number of messages you can create and use. Do you have an offer? Then create a new welcome text. Or are you closed (for a while)? Let the computer speak it so all your callers know!

This is no problem at all for us. You can speak and change as many different texts as you want. Even if you do this every hour, our telephony computer never gets tired!

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