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Belfabriek is here for the travel industry

Belfabriek is here for the travel industry

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Ideal solutions for the travel world

Backpacking as in our best (teenage) years, staying overnight in trendy boutique hotels like when we were in our late 20s or recharging our batteries in a resort with kids' club like now: travelling is and remains fantastic. So it's only logical that we care about the travel industry. As a telephone company, we can make work of that love. And we do, because our numbers and tools are ideally suited for organisations that inspire, transport and/or receive travellers. In all countries of the world.


If you want to ask an airline a question abroad, you don't want to incur high international phone charges and/or a night call centre in your home country.

The solution? A local Belfabriek number. Or rather: a whole series of international numbers. One for every country your organisation flies to.

Because all our numbers are 'equipped' with advanced options, this is more than a local, telephone entrance. Does it suddenly get busy because an erupting volcano throws a spanner in the works? Not a problem from a technical point of view. We can immediately increase the queue, reroute some of the call traffic, adjust your selection menu or implement a new message text.

With our numbers you 'promote' to call traffic controller!

Travel agents

Travel agencies with several branches are perfectly served by our area code routing, which automatically connects callers to the nearest branch. And yes, this can also be arranged flexibly. For example, by connecting callers to another branch or call centre if the phone is not answered at the nearest branch.

Hospitality sector

More and more hotels and hotel chains choose one of our central booking numbers, whether or not combined with a general service line where questions about facilities, for example, are answered.

For hotels and hotel chains that regularly welcome international guests, it can be smart to introduce a local telephone number per country. No matter how far away the hotel is, the caller does not have to incur any extra costs and does not have to pay attention to the time zone. This way you roll out the red carpet.

And remember: the annual costs of a local number are often recovered with one or a few bookings.

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