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Multiple branch phone number

Our IVR platform can distribute hundreds of simultaneous calls to all branches in the country.

Whether you have several physical branches, run a successful franchise with more and more entrepreneurs joining, or run 32 webshops: with a Belfabriek phone number you have one national number, while traffic is neatly distributed across all locations.

Exactly the way you want it !

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Platform offers you three ways to do that:

Distribution based on area code

This distributes incoming calls based on the caller’s area code. For example, callers with area code 010 are routed to your Rotterdam location, 020 goes to Amsterdam, and so forth. This requires no action on the caller’s part, as the IVR does all the work. The caller doesn’t even notice.

Distribution based on postal code

Here the caller is asked to enter the four numbers of their postal code on their phone. This automatically forwards their call to the location you link to that code. While this option does require the caller to do something (enter four digits), it also allows for a more fine-grained approach. This is the ‘purest’ option, particularly if you operate multiple branches within the same area code.

Combining area and postal code

You can even combine these features. For example by sufficing with the caller’s area code in locations where you have just one branch (all you need to know), and asking callers to enter their postal code in areas where you have multiple branches. And what if the caller uses a cell phone or blocks caller ID? The system will ask for a postal code.

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Having your central number automatically forwarded to a specific branch has become child's play for us. We are happy to build such a solution for you!

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