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Central Branch Phone Number

Our IVR platform can distribute hundreds of simultaneous calls to all your branches across the country.

Whether you have several physical branches, run a successful franchise that more and more entrepreneurs are joining or run 32 web shops: with a phone number from Belfabriek, you have one national number, while the traffic is neatly distributed across all locations. Just the way you want it.

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platform offers three options for that.

Area code based distribution

This distributes traffic based on the prefix of the caller's number. In other words: 212 to New York, 213 to Los Angeles, and so on. This is a low-threshold option, especially for callers, as the IVR does all the work. The caller literally does not notice anything.

Distribution by postcode

Here the caller is asked to enter the four digits of the postcode and is then routed to the branch you have assigned to that postcode. Although the caller has to take action (enter four digits), this method is more fine-tuned. Especially if you have several branches in one area code, this is the cleanest option.

Combining area and postcode

It is also possible to combine the two functions. For example, use the area code in places where you have one branch (fine-tuned enough) and ask callers for their postcode in areas with multiple branches. And if someone is calling from a mobile or blocked number? The system will still ask for the postcode.

Let us set up your central number

It is now easy for us to set up your central number to be automatically routed to a specific branch. We are happy to set up a customised solution for you!

Frequently asked questions:

You can redirect calls to another branch, for example, during busy times or when a different work area is assigned. If you tell us about the changes, we will implement them. 

We can programme and play a phone menu that allows the caller to make their own choice. We can also use Google DialogFlow to have an advanced speech recognition bot listen to what the caller wants and transfer the call.

The advantage of having 1 central virtual phone number for all branches is that incoming calls are distributed across the branches. It does not matter which provider the branch is connected to. So each branch remains flexible and you can configure and manage a central number.

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