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Flexible switching of end destinations via your own website using a webhook.

This is how webhooks work

If you want to run your own website or script to change the devices associated with your phone number, you can do so via a webhook. How does this work?

When we call this address, we receive an answer from your server containing the final destination of your number.

Simple, right? When a call comes in, we check on your website (/webhook/) which phone number you have entered. And that's where the call is delivered.

And yes, you can do that even if you use a drop-down menu. We just create X number of webhooks. So here it is:

Choice 1:
Choice 2:
Choice 3:

Apart from the final destination, you can also put in message texts, for example.

Or your web developer can put a script here that checks your Google calendar to see if you have an appointment, for example, or are on the way, and decides on that basis whether the call will go to your landline, your mobile or to an announcement.

Number management via webhook

With a phone number from Belfabriek you decide on which destination you receive your calls. That can be a fixed line, a VoIP phone or a mobile number.
On top of that you can adjust that flexibly. Most clients do that with our handy app. Others call or e-mail our customer service. Free, so why not?
But there is a third option. The one that especially makes the techies among us happy: the webhook!


Great! So are we, because with webhooks you have a power tool on your business telephone number. Ideal, for example, if you want to build virtual branches on a line where you are always 100% in control! So activate the webhook and make your developer happy!

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