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Web Interface

With the user-friendly web portal you can easily keep an overview of your telephone numbers, employees and telephones.

Web Interface

With the user-friendly and well-developed web portal, you can easily manage important settings and contacts within the system. Don't want to worry about it yourself? Call us for free or email our support staff, they will be happy to make the changes for you!

Address book

The address book is a function that has been in demand for years and that you don't often find elsewhere. Within the address book you can easily enter all internal and external contacts with the corresponding phone numbers and synchronize to all devices in use within your organization. It works with both hardphones and softphones, ensuring that everyone has the most important phone numbers at their fingertips!


Another useful feature is that you can set the availability of colleagues. Telephone switchboards don't really take this into account (they only need to forward calls) but what is one of the most useful features within a telephone system: who is reachable and available to answer the phone? By simply setting a schedule which you can also easily modify, our platform knows exactly to whom a call can be forwarded and when.


Online statistics of all incoming calls with a clear interface. What are the busiest days of the week, the busiest times of the day. How many calls does a branch receive? What is the average call duration?

You will be presented with the most important data in a handy dashboard. And if you want to know more, simply download all the data to your computer!

User-friendly portal for all your numbers, users and devices.

Regular updates and new features.

Change settings, view statistics and pay your invoices.

Training by our customer service team included with your subscription.

Web Interface capabilities

All options at a glance:

  • Phone numbers
    • add and request phone numbers
  • Desk devices
    • Request, send new devices
    • Deactivate devices
  • Soft phones
    • Download and send link to employees
    • Create usernames / passwords
    • Create QR codes
  • Statistics
    • most called numbers
    • busiest times of the week/day/month
    • with multiple final destinations/branches: calls per destination
  • Send SMS
    • send sms
    • keep sms address book

Your business phone number exactly the way you want it !

Let our staff set up your phone number the way you want it. You can then easily make changes yourself or let us do it so you don't have to worry about it anymore!

Call overflow handling

An enormously successful marketing campaign? Free publicity in national media? A successful Google Ads campaign? Commendable reviews on a comparison site? No problem!

Call queues

There may be times when you have more callers than staff available on the phone. These call peaks are easily handled by the call queues, a great feature for every Belfabriek customer.

Call recording

"This call may be recorded to ensure the quality of our service." Those calling a business number regularly hear a similar announcement. Chances are that these numbers are hosted by Belfabriek.

Call statistics by email

Your daily, weekly or monthly call statistics overview conveniently in the mail. Included with your telephone number, of course.

Change device extension

Calls to your virtual telephone number are automatically put through to your current phones. These can be landline, mobile or VoIP. You can change the destination number whenever and as often as you like.

Digital answering machine

You never have to miss a call, even if all your colleagues are busy, the queue is too long or you are unable to pick up for other reasons.

Direct callforwarding

Your company number is a virtual number. This means that every incoming call is redirected to another telephone. This can be every landline or mobile phone.


Are there callers that you would rather not give access to a certain number ? You can easily block them with the call filter function. This way you keep your phones free for the callers that are important.

International telephony

Delivering telephone calls nationally or in other countries? No problem!

Multiple branch phone number

Our IVR platform can distribute hundreds of simultaneous calls across all branches in one or more areas.

Phone menu

Your customers would prefer to have someone on the line asap. Not every colleague knows how to answer every question. With a phone choice menu, you put callers through to the right person as quick as possible.

Pre-announcement tone

Many entrepreneurs have multiple numbers for multiple purposes or web shops. In such a case, it is useful to know at the beginning of a conversation which telephone number is being called!


You choose a telephone number mainly to optimise the accessibility of your company. You want to answer more callers and be of better service to them. But how do you know whether you are achieving the intended goals? Our statistics.

Text message tool

For short messages to your customers SMS are an excellent medium. But how do you send them to large groups? The SMS tool from the Belfabriek is a real godsend.

Text to Speech speechbot

Do you want a welcome message on your number? Are you not a fan of your own voice? And is hiring a professional voice actor just a bit too expensive for you?

VIP list

Do you want to grant access to your business telephone number only to a certain group of contacts? With a VIP whitelist you ensure that the lines remain free for whom your telephone number is intended.

Virtual callcenter

With a virtual call centre you make sure that callers are distributed fairly and evenly among available colleagues, at home, in the office or anywhere else.


Flexible switching of end destinations via your own website using a webhook

Welcome message

“Thank you for calling…” is usually the first thing you hear when you call a professional organization.

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Desk phone

A pre-configured device for a plug 'n' play experience


Receive and make business calls on your existing mobile phones

Web Interface

Manage all numbers and connections online

Mobile apps

Set yourself as available or unavailable to receive phone calls

Fixed Number on Mobile

Your calls directly to your cell phone