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The Phone Platform for your Company

Let your colleagues receive phone calls anywhere: in the office, at home and on the road !

Desk phone

A pre-configured device for a plug 'n' play experience


Receive and make business calls on your existing mobile phones

Web Interface

Manage all numbers and connections online

Mobile apps

Set yourself as available or unavailable to receive phone calls

Fixed Number on Mobile

Your calls directly to your cell phone

The most complete telephony package for the business user

At Any Location

A telephone system that works at any location. A complete system that allows colleagues in the office, at home and on the road to make and receive calls!

Get the latest phone for your workplace

Use your current mobile and landline phones in a call group

You can also install our calling software on PC and Mac

Multiple apps for your iOS or Android device

Plug and play: ordered before 22:00 is delivered the next working day !

Ordering and process

You can place your order on our website 24 hours a day / 7 days a week !

Telephone numbers

Depending on the country and range we can issue and activate numbers directly or we first need to complete a registration on your company name with the relevant government organization.


If you use our recommended Yealink phones we can pre-configure them. You then have a plug and play experience. Ordered before 22.00 hours, delivered the next working day!

SIP accounts

You can easily create these yourself via the web interface. So you can easily create accounts for all devices you want to connect.

Create a call team with all your phones

With all your colleagues - at home or in the office you can easily form a call team.

We have several apps you can choose from so you get exactly the right app and functionality that is most convenient in your situation.

Our solutions work with existing (mobile) phones and of course new phones that we provide on request.

Hardphones are shipped pre-configured from our own warehouse.

Colleagues receive download links to pre-configured softphones, for desktop and/or mobile.



With the user-friendly and well-developed web interface you can easily manage important settings and contacts within the system. Don't want to have to worry about it yourself? Call us free of charge or email our support staff: they will be happy to make the changes for you.


You can easily set the availability of colleagues. Telephone switchboards do not really take this into account (they only need to forward calls) but what is actually one of the most useful functions within a telephone system: who is reachable and available to answer the phone? By simply setting a schedule, our platform knows exactly to whom a call can be forwarded and when.


Online statistics of all incoming calls with a clear interface. What are the busiest days of the week, the busiest times of the day. How many calls does a colleague receive? What is the average call duration?

You are presented with the most important data in a handy dashboard. And do you want to know more? Then simply download all the data to your computer.

Meet your softphone

Are you an avid Skyper? Or do you already call with another software package? Then you already know what a softphone is: a program that allows you to make calls on your computer. Just like on your laptop, cell phone or tablet. If Windows, Linux, Android or iOS feel at home, chances are a softphone will work. But which one do you choose?
If you're using our Phone System, the Belfabriek softphone is the best option. Especially because our softphone works seamlessly with the Phone System and all important settings are pre-configured. A true plug & call solution, as you only need to enter your password or scan a QR code (new feature!) to get 'on the air'. It couldn't be easier! Also handy: the address book works in the softphone environment.
Combining? No problem!
The Belfabriek Phone System works with softphones, but also with a combination of softphones, regular phones and mobile devices. You decide the ideal set-up! What does employee X or Y need? You tell us. We take care of the smooth rollout. Good to know: the softphone is part of the Belfabriek telephone system. So there are no costs involved.

The five biggest advantages
Regular new updates
Pre-configured solution
Easy to set up with a QR code
Access to central address book
100 workstations? Branding of the softphone is possible!

Your business phone number exactly the way you want it !

Register your phone number with Belfabriek and you will have full control over your business phone number thanks to our handy apps and functions.

You have real-time access to the most important statistics and adjust all settings with one click. Anywhere, anytime.

The clear connections and rates are not the only reasons why entrepreneurs register their telephone number with Belfabriek. With our generous package of features, you get more features that other providers can't offer.

Equally important is the freedom and control you have thanks to our apps.

Call overflow handling

An enormously successful marketing campaign? Free publicity in national media? A successful Google Ads campaign? Commendable reviews on a comparison site? No problem!

Call queues

There may be times when you have more callers than staff available on the phone. These call peaks are easily handled by the call queues, a great feature for every Belfabriek customer.

Call recording

"This call may be recorded to ensure the quality of our service." Those calling a business number regularly hear a similar announcement. Chances are that these numbers are hosted by Belfabriek.

Call statistics by email

Your daily, weekly or monthly call statistics overview conveniently in the mail. Included with your telephone number, of course.

Change device extension

Calls to your virtual telephone number are automatically put through to your current phones. These can be landline, mobile or VoIP. You can change the destination number whenever and as often as you like.

Digital answering machine

You never have to miss a call, even if all your colleagues are busy, the queue is too long or you are unable to pick up for other reasons.

Direct callforwarding

Your company number is a virtual number. This means that every incoming call is redirected to another telephone. This can be every landline or mobile phone.


Are there callers that you would rather not give access to a certain number ? You can easily block them with the call filter function. This way you keep your phones free for the callers that are important.

International telephony

Delivering telephone calls nationally or in other countries? No problem!

Multiple branch phone number

Our IVR platform can distribute hundreds of simultaneous calls across all branches in one or more areas.

Phone menu

Your customers would prefer to have someone on the line asap. Not every colleague knows how to answer every question. With a phone choice menu, you put callers through to the right person as quick as possible.

Pre-announcement tone

Many entrepreneurs have multiple numbers for multiple purposes or web shops. In such a case, it is useful to know at the beginning of a conversation which telephone number is being called!


You choose a telephone number mainly to optimise the accessibility of your company. You want to answer more callers and be of better service to them. But how do you know whether you are achieving the intended goals? Our statistics.

Text message tool

For short messages to your customers SMS are an excellent medium. But how do you send them to large groups? The SMS tool from the Belfabriek is a real godsend.

Text to Speech speechbot

Do you want a welcome message on your number? Are you not a fan of your own voice? And is hiring a professional voice actor just a bit too expensive for you?

VIP list

Do you want to grant access to your business telephone number only to a certain group of contacts? With a VIP whitelist you ensure that the lines remain free for whom your telephone number is intended.

Virtual callcenter

With a virtual call centre you make sure that callers are distributed fairly and evenly among available colleagues, at home, in the office or anywhere else.


Flexible switching of end destinations via your own website using a webhook

Welcome message

“Thank you for calling…” is usually the first thing you hear when you call a professional organization.

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