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International telephony

Deliver calls domestically or to other countries? No problem!

Our International Telephony department is here to help entrepreneurs and businesses with the following international telecommunications solutions:

  • International phone numbers in other countries

  • Delivery of calls to other countries

  • Intelligent routing of calls between multiple offices in different countries and between international offices themselves

  • Information and advice on local and international legislation relating to telecommunications and telephone numbers

International numbers

We are happy to help the small business owner who wants to take their first steps in another country by opening an additional international number.

And we help international (franchise) organisations to create a bespoke telephony solution to reach their various locations.

We are registered as a telecom operator in 14 countries. We started as a Dutch provider and have grown with our customers in other European countries.

So we can also help you professionally to get a phone number!

So you get a perfectly working solution abroad with your foreign number.

If you operate in multiple countries, work with multiple providers and want a completely bespoke solution for incoming call traffic, we are the place to be.

We can also set up a virtual call centre to distribute call traffic to different employees or offices in the target countries according to your requirements.

You are and remain in control: the Belfabriek control panel allows you to see exactly which numbers are in use, how many calls have been processed and where these calls are ultimately handled.

If you have your own system administrator and/or programmer, you also have access to the IVR platform code, so you can make changes yourself at any time (C##).

Frequently asked questions:

We are the specialists when it comes to international numbers. Registered as a telecom operator in 14 countries, we are best placed to help you get an international number.

Numbers in all European countries, the UK and the USA are always in stock and active within 1 working day. In other countries we work with local partners and it may take longer. This also depends on local legislation.

This depends on the country. For a French number you will need a local office, for an English number you will not need an office in the UK. This varies by country and also by type of number. Just contact us with your requirements and we will work it out with you.

The best way to reach colleagues abroad is to take a local mobile number and give it to us. We will then forward incoming calls to this mobile number. In this way we create a virtual call group that spans several countries.

We route international calls over the phone networks and pay interconnection charges and international rates. So you are assured of a solid business solution. We do not offer a budget solution, nor do we handle telephony traffic over the internet.

If required, we can activate an international number the same day. It often takes a little longer because we also need to configure a menu, call queue and opening hours.

If you give us the list of countries where you want international numbers, we can do it for you.

We are registered as a telecoms operator in 14 countries and can provide local numbers and regional numbers for local offices in all of these countries. So we can be the European operator for you and give you an overview of all your international numbers.

We can set up and manage a European telephony plan in consultation with our own system administrators and programmers, giving you full control and access to the interconnection and telephony platform.

As of January 2023 we are registered in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Finland, France and Ireland (UK). We also have an excellent and reliable partner in North America.

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