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International telephony

Delivering telephone calls nationally or in other countries? No problem!

Incoming call traffic at Belfabriek is by definition borderless. In other words: calls are delivered where you want!

That may be in Amsterdam. But also at the office in Berlin, New York or London. So you can become a strong player in every market, offering customers the service they are waiting for: hyperlocal.

How about that?

Our Interactive Voice Response ('IVR') platform transfers callers effortlessly to your desired destination. In technical terms: final destination. This can be a national number, but also a mobile phone or a number abroad. That offers a lot of advantages. Both for small companies and for large corporates.

To start with the small companies: if you want to answer an important call on your Belfabriek number on a sun-drenched beach, you can. Whether you have a national or local number: if your mobile phone hasn't bitten off too much sand or sea, the call will come through nicely. For international companies, this service also offers the possibility of routing calls to an offshore customer service centre outside office hours.

Offices in different countries

It becomes even more interesting if your organisation is active in several countries. Incoming call traffic can be distributed across these countries. For example, to spread the workload or to automatically connect customers to an employee who speaks the right language. With regard to the latter: by playing an announcement with a menu, the caller can choose in which language he or she would like to be assisted. Our platform takes care of the rest!

Moreover, we can set up a virtual call centre where call traffic is distributed according to your specifications to various employees or branches in the target countries. And you'll be in control: in the Belfabriek control panel you'll see exactly which numbers are in use, how many calls have been processed and where those calls will eventually be handled.

Built-in flexibility

Whether you want to transfer callers to an international number temporarily or are looking for a permanent solution, flexibility is built in.

So it is no problem to have calls sometimes land on location 1 in country X and other times on location 2 in country Y.

Such adjustments are made by our colleagues the same working day, free of charge. Handling international call traffic therefore does not stand in the way of flexibility for a second. You're welcome!

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