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Call recording

"This call may be recorded to ensure the quality of our service." Anyone calling a business telephone number regularly hears a similar announcement. Chances are that these numbers are hosted by Belfabriek.

You can also use the call recording function for your business telephone number. With this, you automatically make recordings of all incoming phone calls. Belfabriek securely stores the sound files in the cloud. Through your dashboard you have direct access to the recordings in a clear interface !

The advantages of recording business telephone calls

Recording telephone conversations not only provides backup and evidence but is also a useful tool for improving your service.

Online playback

Select recordings by date or number, and listen to conversations online. You can immediately see which conversations you have already listened to. You can mark important calls with a star or download them to your computer.

Quality control

Are your colleagues or your external call centre working properly? You can hear it in the recordings of the recorded telephone conversations.

Many applications for business telephone recording This functionality is so versatile that almost any organisation can think of an application for it. Team leaders of call centres use audio recordings during progress meetings. The employees themselves log their ticket at the end of a call in peace and quiet and listen back to the recordings where necessary. Call recording is also often used as evidence of transactions or to check compliance with procedures!

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