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Virtual callcenter

With a virtual call centre you ensure that callers are distributed fairly and evenly among available staff: at home, in the office or wherever!

As long as your colleagues have a phone, fixed or mobile, we can include them in the call plan and create a virtual call centre. Calls are distributed in order of receipt among your colleagues who have made themselves available via the app or special website!

The advantages in brief

Minimize waiting times

First come, first served. Distributing calls keeps the wait time down to a minimum.

Build a virtual team of call center or customer service agents

Wherever your employees are working from: they are all part of the virtual call center, and they can all sign in and out using the app or webpage.

Virtual distribution

A virtual call center also benefits your employees: the distribution of calls makes the customer service role a shared task. The sign in/ sign out feature ensures that calls are only routed to employees who are logged in.

Take advantage of these powerful features

Together with the on/off functionality, the phone only rings with available colleagues. And combined with the opening hours calendar, you can maximise your availability to callers.

On its own, the virtual call centre is impressive, but combined with some of the other features like call recording or call waiting that you get with Belfabriek, you offer callers an experience that will put the competition to shame ! All extra functionalities of Belfabriek can be activated at any time. You decide when the time is right. That way a Belfabriek phone number grows with you and your organisation !

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