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Never miss a call when all your colleagues are busy or you are temporarily unavailable.

In all these cases, voicemail allows callers to leave a message.

You receive an audio recording by e-mail. Thanks to this digital answering machine, you never have to miss a potential customer again.

You can also create other functions with this feature.

What about setting up an order line based on this voicemail? A large group of pharmacists have already set up a prescription line this way.

Or do you have a podcast and want listeners to leave a comment or tip? Let them speak into the voicemail on your podcast number.

What's nice is that these voicemails come as sound files in your email. So you can listen to them at your leisure, edit them or forward them to a colleague.

The benefits

Increase your availability

By never missing a call and being able to listen to recorded messages at a time that suits you, you increase your availability.

Increase customer satisfaction

Callers experience your organisation as more approachable when they can leave a message with the promise that you will get back to them as soon as possible.

No additional software required

You receive each recorded message in .mp3 format, which can be played using standard audio software you already have on your computer, tablet or phone.

Start your own digital answering machine today

Voicemail is included with your Belfabriek subscription. You can activate this feature at any time at no extra cost. You can record the voicemail text yourself or have it recorded by our text-to-speech speechbot.

Frequently asked questions:

You can speak the welcome text on your mobile phone and provide us with this sound file. We can also have our speechbot speak your text. This sounds perfect.

You can turn your voicemail on or off from your dashboard, or let our customer service agents know you want a change.

You can set it up so that callers go straight to your voicemail and can leave a message directly.

You can set your voicemail to play only one message. After this message is played, the connection to the telephone system is disconnected.

You can change the welcome message as often as you like. Think about what works best for you - whether you want to record it yourself every time, or have our voice bot do it for you.

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