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Business Phone System with Virtual Call Center

Smart business owners can easily manage their telephony with our app!

Personalize your phone system with your own company logo and corporate color

Personalize your phone system with your own company logo and corporate color

User Settings

Each colleague can upload a photo and indicate on which phone device they can be reached.

This can be either a fixed or mobile phone. In any European country.

Easily add new colleagues

Are you getting more incoming phone calls?

Easily add colleagues to your virtual call center so you can always get callers answered fast enough.

Turn your reachability on or off

Are you out for lunch? Or in a meeting?

Easily set whether you are available or not to answer phone calls.


See at a glance who is available to answer the phone and in what order calls are distributed.

Easily create a virtual call center with your colleagues!

Start demo

The fully functional demo allows you to try out the online Business Phone System with Virtual Call Center.


After pressing the button below, a demo phone number will be assigned to you and you will be taken to your own fully functional team page.


Bookmark the page you land on so you can re-recall it later.

The benefits

Minimise waiting times

First come, first served. Distributing callers according to this system keeps the average waiting time for callers as short as possible.

Build a virtual team

Wherever your colleagues are, they all become part of the virtual call centre and can log in and out via the app or website.

Virtual distribution

The virtual call centre is also a godsend for your agents: call distribution makes answering callers a collective effort.

Ironclad combinations

Combined with on/off functionality, the phone only rings for registered colleagues. And when combined with the opening hours calendar, you are available to callers at all times.

Benefit from powerful features

On its own, the virtual call centre is impressive, but combined with some of the other features you get with Belfabriek, such as call recording or call queuing, you'll offer callers an experience that will leave the competition in the shade!

All the extra features of Belfabriek can be activated at any time. This way a Belfabriek phone number grows with you and your business!

Frequently asked questions:

A virtual call centre involves programming 1 call team of people who are available to answer incoming calls from home workers, colleagues in the office or on the road and partners. A virtual call centre is in the cloud, not in a physical office. You can answer calls from anywhere.

You can easily set up a virtual call centre by collecting phone numbers of people who would like to answer incoming calls for you. Enter all these numbers on your virtual call centre page and we will distribute the incoming calls to these phone numbers. Everyone can easily set their own availability. This way we always know exactly who we can and cannot transfer calls to.

We have made our virtual call centre as simple as possible. All employees can set themselves as available or unavailable to receive calls on a dedicated web page. This makes setting up the telephony side quick and easy. You can record call notes in your own software that you already use for this purpose. We can also set up a link using a webhook.

Our virtual call centre also works with mobile phones and landlines. So you are not dependent on a working internet connection. This allows you to quickly connect new employees to your virtual call centre and avoid lost calls. For example, you can quickly speak to a group of people for customer support or a help desk.

We are a telephone company and do not provide call centre staff or agents. With our software you can quickly create your own virtual team of people to work from home and answer incoming calls for you.

There is no limit to the number of calls that can be handled by your new virtual call centre. If you anticipate a large number of calls, for example due to a promotional campaign or an emergency, please let us know so that we can take this into account in terms of capacity and monitoring.

Yes, we can! We can help you set up and manage your virtual call centre. We will also work with you to monitor incoming call traffic and how it is being handled. We are often called in for emergencies and major accessibility problems and have a lot of experience with virtual call centres. Because we write our own software, we can also make changes quickly if necessary.

We can transfer your current phone number to our virtual call centre software or give you a new business phone number to use. Either option will work perfectly with our virtual phone system.

We have been providing virtual call centres to businesses and organisations since 2000. Since the Corona outbreak, the use of virtual call centres has increased dramatically to enable home workers in particular to answer incoming calls.

We support all types of phone systems. We route incoming calls to phone numbers regardless of the interface, phone system or brand of phone used. This also ensures that our virtual call centre software is very stable and you are not dependent on 1 platform.

We can record all calls so that you can listen to them later and compare performance between agents or improve the customer experience.

Our virtual call centre is optimised for inbound calls. If you need to make a large number of outbound calls you should look at dedicated outbound call centre software.

In the event of an emergency or disaster, a virtual call centre can be up and running the same business day. If you have the mobile phone numbers of some staff who can answer calls, we can start immediately. New employees can be added step by step.

Of course you can! Our virtual call centre software is used by companies with 2 to 2000 employees. Everything is based on fast and intelligent call routing based on availability.

In your online dashboard you can see all call traffic statistics. You can also download them to apply your own filters and edits.

We have integration with most CRM packages so that customers can be tracked by

We have integration with most CRM packages so that customers can be recognised by their phone number and call notes can be stored in the CRM package.

A virtual contact centre is one that also handles other forms of communication, such as email and chat. Our software focuses solely on handling incoming telephone calls.

Satisfied Belfabriek telephony customers:

Desk phone

A pre-configured device for a plug 'n' play experience


Receive and make business calls on your existing mobile phones

Web Interface

Manage all numbers and connections online

Mobile apps

Set yourself as available or unavailable to receive phone calls

Fixed Number on Mobile

Your calls directly to your cell phone