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Smart business owners can easily manage their telephony with our app!

The call-boss app

The call-boss app allows you to take charge of all your colleagues who answer the phone. With this functionality, you can easily create a virtual call centre of colleagues logged in to answer calls. Spread across all your offices and home offices!

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Get started immediately! Log in with the same credentials you use for our portal. Once you have downloaded the app, you can get started straight away.

On or off

See at a glance which devices are on or off. You can see where calls are going and adjust them in real time.

Change destination

Want to change your phone number's destination? Select a preset destination (a colleague, an office location or a mobile phone) from your address book or enter a new number.

Your change takes effect immediately. Make sure you can always be reached, wherever you are!

Manage favourite destinations

Create a list of frequently used destinations and give each phone number a recognisable name. That way, you never have to enter the phone number manually again.

Instead, simply select the destination from this address book and we make sure the right phone rings.

View statistics

All important statistics are available at a glance. So you always have the information you need.

Phone settings

Manage the settings for all your phone numbers directly from your phone or tablet. Quickly turn on extra features when you need them!

The call-colleague app

Get started right away

Sign in with the same credentials you use for our portal. Download the app and get started!

On or off

You can see at a glance whether you are in the call team and ready to take calls.

See who else is on the team

See who else is on the call team and deliver the best support or sales together!

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A phone system that works for all your colleagues: in the office, at home or on the road !

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Desk phone

A pre-configured device for a plug 'n' play experience


Receive and make business calls on your existing mobile phones

Web Interface

Manage all numbers and connections online

Mobile apps

Set yourself as available or unavailable to receive phone calls

Fixed Number on Mobile

Your calls directly to your cell phone