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Calling with a softphone

  • The new way to answer calls

  • Possible on any smartphone or computer

  • Easy to manage

Calling with a softphone

Are you looking for the 'ultimate' softphone solution for your company? Or did you land on this page more or less by accident, because you hear the term more and more but don't know exactly what it means? We got you covered! First the basics: a softphone can replace desktop phones (hard phones) in almost all situations. And it puts an end to devices sitting on the desk gathering dust. The term softphone is a contraction of 'software' and 'phone'. Softphone is software that you install on your computer, tablet or smartphone. And you can use it to make calls, just like you are used to on a deskphone ! After installation on (for example) a smartphone you have a second phone running. Which is not accessible via your mobile number, but via the company number. Ideal if you and/or your employees are often on the road. Or if you don't want to make calls over your mobile number.

Regular updates

How often is your desk phone updated? Probably the answer is 'rarely or never'. Softphone apps do get regular updates and with them new features or improvements.

Handy address book

Desk phones usually have a limited address book. And it's a lot of hassle to add, edit or delete contacts. In many companies, contacts are not even stored at all. Too inconvenient! With a softphone, this is much easier. Moreover, contacts can be shared directly with colleagues. And important data will not be lost.

Price advantage

As mentioned, a deskphone costs easily 75 euros or more, while a softphone is included in your subscription, with updates included. Moreover, there is no hardware that needs to be replaced after a few years!

Easy to roll out within an organisation

Provide all employees with a desk phone, develop call plans, assign extensions. It is a lot of work to build and maintain a traditional telephone network. Installing a softphone is much easier. Download, enter username & password and you're done.

No extra device in the network

Every online device is a device that needs to be included in the network, needs an IP number, may need its own subnet (possibly with priority over normal network traffic) and can in principle be hacked. A softphone uses an existing device with internet access. No extra network device, therefore!

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