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Belfabriek ❤️ Callcenters

Inbound call centres need a lot of phone numbers. We are happy to help you with this !

Ideal solutions for call centres

Belfabriek loves all its customers. But for call centres, we have a soft spot. Logical, because despite the rise of mail, messaging, social and chatbots, the call centre sector is often still about supporting customers by phone.

Cloud innovations

Because we believe our call centre customers deserve the best phone support, we continuously invest in innovation of our cloud solutions. Moreover, we understand that call centres always need to have a number on the air suddenly and usually yesterday. And so we always have plenty of them in stock.

Advanced options

Our numbers are instantly 'ready' for callers. In fact, advanced call centre tools are included.

We use a state-of-the-art IVR platform that distributes callers perfectly among the available call centre staff. Is there an unexpected spike in call traffic because your customer forgot to pass on the fact that a national campaign is going live?

No problem: our queue neatly keeps callers on hold until an agent is available.

Would you rather have your local platform manage call traffic? That's possible too, as the role of call centre back-up suits us just fine. Even more advanced options? A caller dashboard is included. As are phone menus, webhooks, flexible routings, call recording and more.

  • Wherever your customers are located, at home or abroad, we can connect almost all phone numbers directly and forward them to your call centre.

  • Do you have clients who already have phone numbers, but have no idea who is responsible for them? We'd love to find out for you!

  • Choose call recording to store telephone orders. Or deploy the feature for training purposes.

Frequently Asked Questions

We do not supply call centre software. We supply phone numbers at home and abroad to call centres possibly special phone features or customised links such as with Google DialogFlow.

We see many searches for call centre employees but are not active in this field. We hope you find employees as call centre employees and all incoming phone traffic comes in on a Belfabriek phone number !

If you want to hire a call centre, it is useful to get a virtual phone number from Belfabriek that you can use on your website and on advertising materials. You can then divide the incoming calls over 1 or more call centres and see who performs best according to you. You can also handle part of it yourself.

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