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Public government solutions

Public government solutions

  • numbers per department or division

  • emergency lines and enquiry numbers

  • 24/7 response if needed

Ideal solutions for government institutions

We are pleased that we have been able to guarantee the accessibility of (semi)government institutions for many years. Those years of experience - in combination with our working agreements with the national telecom regulator - also mean that we know what the public domain expects from telephony. And how we can meet those expectations.
National service numbers? Emergency lines? Information numbers that offer citizens barrier-free access to governments? Telephone lines for municipalities and municipal services? Belfabriek builds and maintains them, so that the information supply to citizens is guaranteed.

Because we understand that informing citizens is always important and sometimes even vital, we offer 24/7 support (on request). Moreover, in the event of major emergencies, our specialists watch live how call traffic develops so that we can absorb peaks. For example, by temporarily extending queues, adding announcement texts or distributing traffic over alternative locations.

We also always keep numbers available for emergencies. They are live within minutes.

Financially secure too

Of course, governments need to keep their finances in order. We are happy to contribute to that as well. Our financial administration is familiar with the working methods of the government. For example, we provide invoices with cost items, cost centres and the name of the client.

Moreover, it is no problem to invoice per individual number, department or ministry.

Save by rationalising

We also rationalise and restructure existing telephony solutions.

Often, numbers have been used at different times by different departments and with different providers. This can be restructured and taken over by us.

This often results in considerable cost savings, for example because subscriptions are still running for numbers that are no longer used or at excessively high interconnection rates.

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