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Privacy statement

Valid as of May 1, 2018

This Privacy Policy describes how Belfabriek collects, processes and shares data and the choices you can make regarding this processing.

This Privacy Policy applies to the following users:

Website Visitor
When you visit our website, we use both functional cookies and analytical cookies. These are necessary, for example, to make our service number shop or other services work, and to increase the ease of use for visitors.

The use of cookies is safe. The data is anonymized as much as possible and is not shared with other parties. Cookies are also not used for e-mail and telemarketing campaigns.
When you place an order, your IP address is stored as part of the order. This is to prevent abuse or fraud.

You are the owner of a service number
When you order a number in our number shop, we ask for some information about your organization and about the contact person within your organization.
This information is sent during the request via a secure https connection between the browser and our server and is used exclusively by us to realize the request and the connection of your service number.

Additional information may be requested during the application process. This is information which is requested by the authority appointed by the government in the country where you are applying for a number, in order to be able to assign a service number. This information varies from country to country, from number type to number type, and depends on local legislation.

After your service number is connected, data is kept on the use of your number. This includes the caller's number (if not protected), day and time of the call, duration of the call, and the number to which the call was delivered. All of this information is necessary to correctly bill you for the use of your number.

If you use our digital answering machine or call recording service, the messages or calls will be stored as audio files. Recordings of the digital answering machine service are sent by e-mail to the number owner. The call-recording recordings are destroyed after the retention period set by the number owner.

As number owner you can view all your data in the online customer environment My Belfabriek. Here you can also adjust or correct your own data. Furthermore you can download your call history and any recordings in standard formats within My Belfabriek.

You email us
We use Transport Layer Security (TLS) to encrypt and secure our e-mail traffic. If your email provider does not support TLS, your email may be sent unsecured until it reaches our servers.

You are calling a service number
With every phone call, the caller's phone number is included. This way, the receiver sees in the display who is calling. If you do not want the receiver to know the number you are calling from, please contact your provider to deactivate the number recognition service.
If the number you are calling offers you the possibility of leaving a recorded message, this message is recorded and sent to the number owner as an audio file. The file is not kept by us any longer.

If the number you have called uses call recording, it is possible that the content of the call will be saved as an audio file. You will usually be informed of this at the beginning of the call. The owner of the number you called will be able to tell you how long these calls are stored and what they are used for.

Sharing of personal information
We do not share personal information with third parties except in the case of complaints or suspicions of fraud or other crimes; then we share information with the relevant organizations such as police or network operators.

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