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Call queues

There may be times when you have more callers than staff available on the phone. You can easily handle these call peaks with the call queues, a great feature for every Belfabriek customer !

As holder of a business telephone number, you decide what callers will hear when it is busier than usual.

Play a pre-recorded message promoting your organisation's services or products, for example, or choose a musical interruption to make the wait more enjoyable.

Callers are then transferred to the next available employee in order of arrival.

The advantages

What would you rather hear when you call a business: a friendly message or a busy signal ?

Increase your availability

A queue gives the caller the idea that it is his or her turn in a moment. You do not lose callers, but warm them up for the call. This is how you improve the accessibility of your organisation!

Don’t miss calls

A missed call is a missed opportunity for an appointment, an offer, a contract or a sale. Catch callers to serve them a little later or offer to leave a message so you can call them back at a time that suits you.

Customer friendly and professional

Taking the trouble to call and then hearing a busy signal is a turn-off. The queue makes your organisation appear professional and customer-friendly!

Activate your caller queue today !

For a fixed monthly fee, Belfabriek gives you many features. The call queues is just one of them, but a very powerful one. If it happens that all your employees are busy, you can't really do without this functionality. With a Belfabriek phone number you can enable the call queue at any time through the dashboard!

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