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€ 15 / month

You have a one-man business and want a business number that works on your mobile. We therefore route all calls directly to your mobile phone.

1 user

1 number

Fixed to mobile

Works on all mobile networks

  • National number or Local number


€ 22.50 / month

You want to flexibly switch incoming calls to multiple phones so you and a partner can answer the calls. With our app, you can always transfer incoming calls in real-time - 24/7 - to multiple phones.

2 users

1 number

Fixed to mobile

Fair-use calls domestically

  • All functions included

  • We build each number to order

  • Choice of local or national number

  • Call-Boss app

  • Call-Colleague app


€ 45 per month

You have a call team of up to 5 users and you want all the features we offer. Perfect! Then this plan is for you.

5 users

1 number

Fair-use calls and being called within the EU

VIP support by phone and email. Also outside office hours.

  • All features included

  • We build each number to order

  • Choice of local/national/toll-free number

  • Call-Boss app

  • Call-Colleague app

  • API: developers can talk to our telephony platform in code


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Do you want multiple numbers or more users? Do you want a special telephony solution or... Contact us and we will make you a customized business plan!

We build a custom telephony solution for you

Unlimited number of users

Unlimited calling minutes

Tailored invoicing

  • Own equipment in your data center, our data center, or at your office location

  • 1 country or more

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