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Works with:

Mobile phone

WhatsApp Business

A phone number for your company that forwards 1 year to 1 or 2 mobile or landline phones with a welcome text for all callers and voice mail.
If you need more features or more users, simply upgrade to our subscriptions.

Ideal for: start-ups and self-employed people without staff.

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Fixed to Mobile

Two users

Two users


Functions included:

  • Text to speech bot.
    Generate instant audio files on our special page. Use the bot to create your voice mail & welcome message

  • Welcome message - welcome callers with a welcome greeting

  • Voice mail - no answer? no problem: callers can leave a message you receive in your e-mail

  • Whisper
    We will notify you if a call is a business call, so you can separate personal from work on the same device.

  • WhatsApp Business - use your number in WhatsApp Business for receiving messages of customers

Virtual Call Centre

With this plan you get access to your own virtual call center page, where you can program 2 users. You can then always switch between who answers the phone at what time. With this option, you'll never miss incoming calls again!

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