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Many business owners forward their business phone number to their mobile phone.
Or they use multiple phone numbers in different countries.
In these cases, it is useful to know at the start of a call which number an incoming call is going to.

This is where the whisper function comes in.

If you turn this on, you will hear a short beep at the start of the call. You can also add your own message with your company name!

The caller will not hear this message, only you (we only play this message on your audio channel).

So you know exactly which number someone is calling and how to answer, or in what language!

The benefits

Start every conversation on the right foot

When you hear the set message, you know which number the call is coming in on. So you start every call on the right foot.

A choice of distinct tones

With Belfabriek, you can choose from 6 different, instantly recognisable ringtones. Choose the one you like best or upload your own voice file.

Easy and at no extra cost

With Belfabriek, you know what number people are calling from before the call starts, so you can greet them appropriately.

This service is free for all Belfabriek customers.

Frequently asked questions:

The important thing to know about the whisper tone is that the caller does not hear it. It is an alert that only you hear so you know which phone number the call is coming from.

You can play a different message for each phone number. If you hear 'Germany', you know that someone is calling you from Germany. If you hear 'Poland', you know someone is calling you from Poland.

You can continue to do this. The whisper tone is also useful for knowing the number of the caller if, for example, you have transferred your company number to your mobile phone.

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