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Telephone numbers for small and medium-sized businesses

Telephone numbers for small and medium businesses: smart, scalable and affordable.

Ideal solutions for small-medium enterprises

Do you want a fixed number for your business, but flexible control over where (landline or mobile) calls come in? Our telephone numbers are smart, scalable and super affordable. And therefore the ideal solution for small and medium-sized companies. Including all start-ups and scale ups!

How does it work?

Simple. We put your business telephone number in our telephone cloud (advantage: high call quality, all included advanced services) and you're done. In our number shop you can always find great numbers that are currently free. And yes, even those numbers are 'served' with the many included options we are known for.

What is flexible about it?

Basically everything. We understand that you want to respond quickly to circumstances. And we make sure that your telephone solution can do just that. You decide - flexibly! - Where we deliver calls. That could be a 'normal' phone on your desk, a landline at your private address or a mobile phone. Moreover, it does not matter whether you use VoIP or mobile. With our app, you adjust the final destination yourself. At home. At your office. Or on the road. For example: is it so busy in the shop/practice that employees cannot take calls? Then you change the final destination to someone who works at home. Or to your mobile. Is it quiet again? Then you turn that around again.

  • Several shops/webshops with their own numbers? With Belfabriek you can process all calls of all numbers centrally. Easy does it!

  • Build up a virtual call centre, dividing callers between e.g. shop staff and head office? No problem.

  • Advanced call queues, choice menus, voice recording? All included (and more!).
    Do your developers want to manage settings via a webhook? In-built functionality.

Plus: your number grows effortlessly with your business. Both in terms of technological functionality and the various apps we offer for management. So you're not stuck with 1 app.

So give your number the Belfabriek cloud and get a head start on a successful future. Welcome on board!

Frequently asked questions:

You can easily set your presence via a web page that everyone in your team can access. This way you can always redirect calls to whoever is on duty.

The terms hosted voip and voip mkb and mkb hosted voip are often used interchangeably to refer to a telephony service that does not require a physical switchboard in the office itself. Our virtual numbers with a connected switchboard are also 'hosted VoIP'.

If your internet is offline, our telecoms solution will still work and we are quite unique in this respect. This is because we also route calls to existing mobile and landline phones. So you don't have to worry about missing a call.

Depending on your subscription, you can get call recording, voicemail, a selection menu, a call queue and, of course, flexible call forwarding to colleagues. Let us know how you want to be reachable and we will configure it in our switchboard.

We have been the telephone company for the business market since 2000. We focus exclusively on the business market: SMEs, entrepreneurs and government. We are not a start-up and we deliver all calls the old-fashioned way, via private telecom connections to mobile and fixed networks. So with our solution, no calls are lost over the Internet. And you don't have to install an app. We have developed our own voice platform and are not a third party reseller; you are connected directly to the phone company so we can always help you quickly and effectively.

Our numbers are scalable and can handle from 1 to 3000 calls simultaneously. So there's no need to worry about restrictions or small print. Our cloud is fully equipped for reliable VoIP telephony for SMEs.

VoIP stands for Voice over IP. It means that voice is transmitted digitally over a data connection. This could be the open internet, or a digital connection to a mobile or fixed line network. VoIP is a protocol that will be used for all voice connections by 2023, including within SMEs.

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