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Holland phone numbers


Toll free for callers

Memorable phone numbers:
  • 0800-6611166Add to cart
  • 0800-3888388Add to cart
  • 0800-5222522Add to cart
  • 0800-5555999Add to cart
  • 0800-3338883Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • 0800-VOORNAAMAdd to cart
  • 0800-WEDSTRIJDAdd to cart
  • 0800-AMBULANCEAdd to cart
  • 0800-ZEVENDEAdd to cart
  • 0800-CENTRUMAdd to cart

Set the tariff yourself

Memorable phone numbers:
  • 0900-6666677Add to cart
  • 0900-4444499Add to cart
  • 0900-6666633Add to cart
  • 0900-4999499Add to cart
  • 0900-5588558Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • 0900-GLANZENAdd to cart
  • 0900-STINKENAdd to cart
  • 0900-PRETPARKAdd to cart
  • 0900-GARNALENAdd to cart
  • 0900-STRATEGIEAdd to cart

Advantageous flat rate

Memorable phone numbers:
  • 088-4114700Add to cart
  • 088-3443200Add to cart
  • 088-1771500Add to cart
  • 088-2662100Add to cart
  • 088-5445800Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • 088-KERAMISCHAdd to cart
  • 088-DRUKKENAdd to cart
  • 088-DISCREETAdd to cart
  • 088-JAARTALAdd to cart
  • 088-GRAAIENAdd to cart

Shared call costs

Memorable phone numbers:
  • 085-4000847Add to cart
  • 085-4004045Add to cart
  • 085-4008778Add to cart
  • 085-4000305Add to cart
  • 085-4006116Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • 085-4004045Add to cart
  • 085-4000305Add to cart
  • 085-4007766Add to cart
  • 085-4000174Add to cart
  • 085-4000462Add to cart

Apply online for a Dutch phone number

At Belfabriek you can easily register a Dutch phone number for your company. As a foreign company, it can be interesting to offer products or services to the Dutch market as well. One of the most obvious ways to do this is to set up an official local phone number. Consumers are more likely to trust a local phone number.

The most important advantages of registering a phone number through Belfabriek include:

- All useful (optional) features like call recording, phone menu and caller queue are included for free.

- User-friendly app for Android and iOS.

- No new hardware or phones required !