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Telephone number belonging to capital city Athens

Memorable phone numbers:
  • +30-21 4388384Add to cart
  • +30-21 3300085Add to cart
  • +30-21 7100995Add to cart
  • +30-21 0000114Add to cart
  • +30-21 7011114Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • +30-21 4988813Add to cart
  • +30-21 5338888Add to cart
  • +30-21 3643877Add to cart
  • +30-21 5815544Add to cart
  • +30-21 5338652Add to cart

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Benefits of a number from Greece:

The benefits of registering a Greek number with Belfabriek include:

  • A local presence for your company abroad

  • Your company can receive calls in another country at local rates

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  • Active as a local telecommunications company in 14 European countries, offering first-class national and international telecommunications services.

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Frequently asked questions:

When someone calls your Greek phone number, you will first hear a beep or the text Greek phone number. This will let you know how to answer a call from Greece.

Yes, we can help you get all the access codes for Greece.

You can find the most up to date rates on our rates page. This will also depend on the number of calls you expect to receive and the country to which we need to connect the calls.

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