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Text message tool

For short messages to your customers, SMS are an excellent medium. But how do you send them to large groups?

Belfabriek's SMS tool is a real godsend.

You can easily manage contacts, groups and text messages from your trusted online environment. This is not only more convenient, but also works much faster than if you were to do this on a mobile phone.

Create contacts and logically divide them into various SMS lists and groups. You can send text messages immediately or at a later time.

Would you like a link between your software package and our SMS platform? No problem: we'll set up the SMS link for you quickly!

The advantages

Comfortable typing

Sending an SMS from a computer with a keyboard is much easier than sending an SMS from a mobile phone.

Make an impression

Do you receive more e-mails or SMS? You understand: a short and powerful text message makes a bigger impression than yet another e-mail.

Compose your lists

Different SMS for different target groups? No problem. You create your own SMS groups in the online dashboard.

Also for intra-company use

Important news in your company? Inform all colleagues quickly and easily with the SMS tool.

Applications of the SMS tool

Belfabriek customers use the SMS tool in all kinds of original ways. Congratulate a client or colleague on his or her birthday, send a reminder when someone hasn't signed a contract yet or inform a group of clients about a new service !

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