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Memorable phone numbers:
  • +49-800 4411111Add to cart
  • +49-800 4499944Add to cart
  • +49-800 5333533Add to cart
  • +49-800 5552255Add to cart
  • +49-800 3223223Add to cart
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  • +49-800 4443344Add to cart
  • +49-800 3999399Add to cart
  • +49-800 4443334Add to cart
  • +49-800 5555777Add to cart
  • +49-800 4442224Add to cart

National numbers - normal tariff

Memorable phone numbers:
  • +49-32 221099563Add to cart
  • +49-32 221093920Add to cart
  • +49-32 221092315Add to cart
  • +49-32 221094324Add to cart
  • +49-32 221093240Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • +49-32 221090683Add to cart
  • +49-32 213222855Add to cart
  • +49-32 221095500Add to cart
  • +49-32 221093441Add to cart
  • +49-32 221090721Add to cart

Activate now a German phone number for your German customers so you have a local presence !

Give us your mobile number or office number within Europe and we will forward all incoming calls.

Would you like to request a German phone number? Then you have come to the right place.

We have the following German phone numbers in stock: local German numbers, national German numbers and toll free numbers in Germany.

Local German numbers

For local German numbers, you always need a business address in the city where you want your phone number. We will ask you for proof of your German address such as an extract from the German trade register or a rental contract. If you have these then your German local number will be active the same day.

These are the largest 20 cities in Germany by area code:
Berlin (030), Hamburg (040), Munich (089), Cologne (0221), Frankfurt (069), Stuttgart (0711), Leipzig (0341), Dortmund (0231), Essen (0201), Bremen (0421), Dresden (0351), Hanover (0511), Nuremberg (0911), Duisburg (0203), Bochum (0234), Wuppertal (0202), Bielefeld (0521), Bonn (0228), Munster (0251)

German national numbers

National numbers in Germany have the prefix 032.

Also for these national numbers, like local numbers, you need a local business address in Germany.

Part of the reason you need a local business address for both sets of numbers is that the German government (Bundesnetzagentur) wants that should there be anything with the phone number they can send you a letter within Germany. So you must always be reachable locally for the government.

We can also get you started with a German business address, if you want to get serious about operating in Germany we will refer you to a local partner who can help you with an address and setting up a business in Germany.

What is allowed is that you open a toll-free phone number in Germany. Potential customers on the German market can then call you for free.

Incoming calls are transferred to your branch or wherever you want.

This way you have a German number with a service-oriented, customer-friendly appearance and you can immediately serve all of Germany!

If you are not expecting thousands of calls per month, this is the most economical solution. You then have a reliable appearance in Germany, customers in Germany can call you at free rates and if you see that Germany is successful for you then you can always open a local address with a local phone number in Germany.

Classification of German phone numbers

Fixed telephone numbers have an area code (Vorwahl) from 2 to 5 numbers long, followed by 3 to 9 numbers.

German telephone numbers have a length of between 5 and 13 numbers.

Benefits of a number from Germany:

The benefits of registering a German number with Belfabriek include:

  • A local presence for your business in Germany

  • You can receive calls in Germany at local rates or free of charge

  • Welcome message and phone menu in German

  • Works with your existing phones and infrastructure

  • We operate as an operator in 14 European countries, with our own national and international telecommunications connections

We deliver the calls to the location of your choice:

To the home address of colleagues

To different offices

To different countries

Answer calls wherever you want!

Activate a phone number in a new market today!

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Frequently asked questions:

When someone calls your German phone number, you will first hear a beep or the text "German phone number". This will let you know how to answer a call from Germany.

Yes, we can help you get any number in Germany. 

You can find the most up to date rates on our rates page. This also depends on the number of calls you expect to make and the country we need to route the calls to.

Germany's country code is +49. We recommend always listing your German number with +49 in front of it on your website and business communications.

If you want to call a German phone number you need to put +49 in front of it.

We can often activate a German phone number for you on the same business day and forward calls to your office address.

If you look for a nice available German phone number through our website or contact us so we can look for a nice German phone number for you it will usually be active the same business day.

Our text-to-speech assistant has a perfect sounding German voice that can pronounce your choice menu in German perfectly.

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