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Tollfree for callers

Memorable phone numbers:
  • +44-808 3037088Add to cart
  • +44-808 3037089Add to cart
  • +44-808 3037072Add to cart
  • +44-808 3037087Add to cart
  • +44-808 1890718Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • +44-808 5832386Add to cart
  • +44-808 5832399Add to cart
  • +44-808 5832412Add to cart
  • +44-808 5832425Add to cart
  • +44-808 5832438Add to cart

National numbers - normal tariff

Memorable phone numbers:
  • +44-33 30312328Add to cart
  • +44-33 30312310Add to cart
  • +44-33 30312342Add to cart
  • +44-33 30312321Add to cart
  • +44-33 30312326Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • +44-33 30312331Add to cart
  • +44-33 30312307Add to cart
  • +44-33 30312317Add to cart
  • +44-33 30312327Add to cart
  • +44-33 30312336Add to cart

Official London 204 phone number

Memorable phone numbers:
  • +44-204 6666605Add to cart
  • +44-204 6661111Add to cart
  • +44-204 3333319Add to cart
  • +44-204 4953577Add to cart
  • +44-204 7795543Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • +44-204 4777384Add to cart
  • +44-204 6681122Add to cart
  • +44-204 4477444Add to cart
  • +44-204 3325316Add to cart
  • +44-204 1666223Add to cart

Activate an English phone number for your customers now, so you have a local presence and they can call you at local rates in their own country.

We can forward calls to any phone you want.

Give us your mobile or office number in Europe, and we will forward all incoming calls to it.

In our English number shop, you will find the following English phone numbers:

Free 0800 English Numbers (0800) and (0808)

In England, we offer free-to-call numbers for your English customers. These numbers start with 0800 or 0808. Free numbers in England can be activated without a local address. If you want a number that will get a lot of response, choose a free-to-call number for your English customers.

National Numbers in England (330) (843) (845)

If you're looking for a phone number in England that English callers can dial at a normal local rate, choose an English number from one of the national ranges. These can be ordered without a local address.

Local Numbers in England

We can activate a local number in all cities of England. For a local number in England, you do not need a local address.

The area codes of the top-15 UK cities are: London (020), Birmingham (0121), Leeds (0113), Glasgow (0141), Sheffield (0114), Bradford (01274), Liverpool (0151), Edinburgh (0131), Manchester (0161), Bristol (0117), Wakefield (01924), Cardiff (029), Coventry (024), Nottingham (0115), and Leicester (0116).

Fixed English phone numbers have a length of 11 digits. The first 3 or 4 digits indicate the area code, and the remaining 7 or 8 digits the subscriber number. The UK country code is +44.

Here are some fun facts about English phone numbers:

  • The International Area Code: The international dialing code for the United Kingdom is +44. This replaces the first 0 of a British number when calling from abroad.

  • Historical Background: The first phone numbers in the United Kingdom consisted of just a few digits. London had the very first telephone system, introduced in 1879, which used manual switchboards operated by telephone operators.

  • London Numbers: Until 1990, London had two area codes: 071 for the city center and 081 for the suburbs. This was later changed to 0171 and 0181, and finally to 020 for all of London in 2000.

  • Iconic Phone Box: The red phone box, designed by Sir Giles Gilbert Scott in 1924, is an iconic symbol of the United Kingdom. Although they are less used due to mobile phones, many of these boxes can still be found, often as tourist attractions.

  • Premium Numbers: Just like in many other countries, the United Kingdom has premium numbers (starting with 09), which are often used for paid services such as technical support or voting on TV shows.

  • Emergency Numbers: The emergency number in the United Kingdom is 999, introduced in 1937 as the world’s first emergency number. Later, 112 was added as the European emergency number that also works in the UK.

  • Memorable Numbers: Some companies invest in easy-to-remember phone numbers, such as those with repetitive or symmetrical digit patterns. These are often more expensive to obtain due to their commercial value.

  • Phone Book: The first phone book in the United Kingdom was published in 1880 and contained only 248 names and addresses. Nowadays, printed phone books are used less and less due to the rise of digital communication.

  • Area-Based Numbers: The first few digits of an English phone number (after the area code) often indicate the geographical location. For example, numbers starting with 020 are for London, while 0161 is for Manchester.

  • Mobile Numbers: Mobile numbers in the United Kingdom usually start with 07. This helps easily distinguish between landlines and mobile lines.

Benefits of a Number from England:

The benefits of registering a number in the United Kingdom with Belfabriek include:

  • A local presence for your business in the United Kingdom

  • Your business can be called on a British number in the United Kingdom

  • Welcome message and phone menu in English

  • No need to purchase new hardware or phones

  • Active as a local telecom company in 14 European countries, offering first-class national and international telecommunications services.

We deliver the calls to the location of your choice:

To the home address of colleagues

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To different countries

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Frequently asked questions:

When someone calls your English phone number, you will first hear a beep or the text "English phone number". This will let you know how to answer a call from the UK.

Yes, we can help you get any number in England.

You can find the most up to date rates on our rates page. This will also depend on the number of calls you expect to receive and the country to which we need to route the calls.

The UK country code starts with +44.

You do not need a local business address for a UK phone number. You can choose the number you want: toll-free to call, national with a national look and feel or a local phone number tied to a particular region. All numbers give you a professional appearance.

Phone numbers abroad is a specialty of ours. We are now active locally in more than 14 countries where we provide international companies with local numbers for a professional appearance.

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