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4 reasons to choose a cloud-based IVR

Published in IVR (Interactive voice response)

More and more services are available as ‘cloud solutions’. Whether it’s recruitment, marketing, PR or accounting, virtually anything can be arranged online.

One online application that businesses have embraced is the virtual telephone switchboard, better known as an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. A cloud-based IVR, such as ours, enables businesses to make better use of their servicenumbers.

When considering a cloud-based switchboard, you will want to be sure about the features that are included and the options that are available to you. We at CallFactory know that we are not the only operator who offers a cloud-based IVR, but we are confident that we have the most attractive package. Here's why.
More features at lower costs

Not so long ago, businesses used to have a physical switchboard. This piece of hardware meant a high investment and a fixed, limited amount of features. Adding a feature just like that was unthinkable.

Cloud-based switchboards do not have these limitations. Because the switchboard is actually software, it can more easily be expanded and updated. Using virtual phone numbers, calls are routed through the cloud-based platform and on to your existing telephone. This can be a traditional land line, but may as well be a mobile phone or even a so-called ‘softphone’.

All options and features are carried out by the online platform, allowing you to use precisely those features that you need, whenever you require them. With one mouse click, you can switch a feature on or off. And if there is a specific issue for which you need a solution, we at CallFactory are happy to offer one that is tailor-made for you.

Do you want to record incoming calls? Simply switch on the call-recording feature, which is readily available to all our clients.

Gone are the days of expensive bulky equipment; within a few minutes this (or any other) feature is up and running.
Increased mobility and productivity

If you are like most small- and medium-sized businesses, you are probably not at your desk the entire day. However, you do want to existing and potential clients to be able to reach you.
By using a virtual phone number with our IVR platform, you can easily redirect incoming calls to another phone. CallFactory has built a mobile app that enables you to change the ring-to number with a single touch. And if, for whatever reason, you are unable to answer an incoming call, callers can be automatically diverted to your voicemail. You will receive the recorded message from your customer as an audio file via email, so you can respond when it is convenient for you.
This is just one way how our IVR lets you optimise your accessibility and productivity.
Adapts to your needs

We already mentioned how you can activate and deactivate IVR features as required. Many of these features can be set up to respond dynamically to, for example, the day and time of the call, or the specific caller. Ring-to numbers can be changed automatically at set times of the day or on specific days of the week or month. All this flexibility makes your servicenumber incredibly scalable, staying in sync with your business needs.
Always be reachable

Your phone is one of the most important communication channels for your business. With an IVR, callers are switched seamlessly to an available person in your organisation, eliminating unanswered or missed calls. When you are temporarily unable to take a call, the IVR will automatically route the caller to the next available employee, place the call in a queue or give the caller the opportunity to leave a message. A cloud-based switchboard can be configured to precisely fit the needs of your organisation and improve your customer service.
Start today

Switching to CallFactory’s cloud-based platform will make a huge impact on your business. Improve your visibility, your accessibility and ultimately your revenue by making smart use of our intelligent routing and other features.

If you want to know more about our IVR platform, give us a call or let one of our experts call you.

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