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4 Simple steps to increase the number of calls your freephone or premium-rate number generates

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Getting a prospect on the phone is often your biggest step towards a conversion. But that step will be much easier if you can get your potential customers to call you! To do that, you'll have to remove any barriers that might keep them dialing your number right now. We'll show you 4 simple steps to do that.

The first thing to do in order to start getting more calls is to use a customer friendly freephone or premium-rate number. Our experience, as well as independent research, has shown that organisations that use a freephone or premium-rate number get up to 15% more calls than those who don't.

That's a significant increase in calls which makes increasing your number of conversions much easier. So if you don't have one yet, why not register your freephone or premium-rate number today?
They need to know your number

Of course, simply registering your number is only part of the story. You still need to make sure your potential customers know your number. We'll show you the most important ways to communicate your number to your customers and give you some tips on what to do and, just as important, what not to do.
Your email and website

While this sounds logical, so many companies still do not have their current contact details on their website or in the signature settings for their emails! This is often because these services are managed by an external company or a separate department. So they require extra time and effort to update, but are well worth it.

Make sure that not only does your website list your freephone or premium-rate number, but that it is listed prominently at the top of each and every page of your site, as well as in any sidebars or footers where relevant.
Adwords, newsletters, banners

There are numerous ways to market your freephone or premium-rate number outside your website as well. Google Adwords lets you place ads along search results for related keywords that your target audience is searching for. It even has specific call-only campaigns that let you embed your phone number directly into the ad, so a call is only a single click away.

Do you have a mailinglist? Then tell you subscribers about your new freephone or premium-rate number and what service you provide through those numbers. Also, add your number to the top and bottom of each mailinglist, so your number can be easily found by your subscribers.

Placing banner ads on other sites can also be an effective way of letting people know about your new freephone or premium-rate number.
Social media profiles

Make sure your freephone or premium-rate number is clearly featured on all of your social media profiles. Your Facebook-page lets you add a call to action right on top of the cover image. Also, be sure to add the URL to your website and your other contact details, including your freephone or premium-rate number in the "about" section of your Facebook-page.

Do the same for your Twitter profile, your LinkedIn company page and any other social media profiles your organisation might have.
Offline advertisement

Make sure you mention your freephone or premium-rate number clearly in any offline advertisement campaign you might run, such as radio, television, newspapers or magazines. These campaigns are sometimes costly, but can have a lasting effect, especially if you use an easy to remember vanity number.

There are infinitely more places where you could and should promote your freephone or premium-rate number, such a through flyers, or when sponsoring an event.

We hope that one thing has become clear: to really make the most of your customer-friendly and easy to remember freephone or premium-rate number, you will still have to go out and promote and market that number.

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