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5 reasons why all departments of your organisation can profit from call recording

Published in Customer service phone numbers

If you choose to register a servicenumber at the CallFactory you will receive access to many extra features. One of these extras is the ability to record telephone calls that are made through your servicenumber.

If you’re wondering how this feature could help your company work more efficiently, then this article is the perfect place to start. Below you find five reasons why organisations choose to record their calls.

1. Improve the quality of conversations

You would be using a freephone or premium-rate number because you want to improve your availability and to increase customer friendliness. Needless to say that you keep a close eye on the quality of the interactions with your customers. Are their questions answered quickly and effectively? Do your employees stick to the rules that guarantee the quality of the conversation? By reviewing recorded calls, management can quickly notice possible bottlenecks. This knowledge can then form the basis for strategic and organizational decisions.

2. Learn from successful conversations

Dealing with a difficult customer, finding a creative solution for an unusual problem, or scoring multiple sales in just one conversation: all examples of admirable performances you’d want everyone in your organisation to learn from.

3. Train and evaluate employees

During a periodic evaluation of your employees, recorded calls enable you to see whether they’ve put what they have learned into practice, and whether they are making optimal use of the sources they have at their disposal. This makes it easier for you to set goals for the next evaluation together with the employee, and it will help you to notice earlier when there’s a need for extra training.

4. Legal proof of transactions

Thanks to Call recording conversations don’t have to last long. By re-listening the recording, the employee can perform the necessary administrative actions after the conversation is over. The recording also serves as a reminder or even legal proof of possible transactions.

5. Maintain and check security procedures

Whether you need to create new passwords for customers or ask them security questions for verification; you want to be sure your employees respect the applicable procedures. In case of a security breach, Call recording can be used to trace it back to a certain conversation.

Of course there are plenty more reasons why recording phone calls might be interesting or even necessary for your company. The abovementioned reasons are just a few examples of the most frequent ones, and hopefully they will offer some ideas on how Call recording could help your organization.

Should you have any questions or would you like to find out more about Call recording, please do feel free to contact us.

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