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6 reasons to register your own servicenumber

Published in Customer service phone numbers

Have you ever thought about registering a servicenumber? With the affordable subscription from the CallFactory, which come with a complete packages of extra features, the question actually shouldn’t be if you are going to take a servicenumber, but when.

In this article. we’ll show you why our customers – varying from sole traders, to government institutions and multinationals – choose to register their own freephone number or premium-rate number.

1. Up to 15% more response

A servicenumber make a more professional impression and this encourages your (potential) customers to call you. Registering a freephone number or a premium-rate number, with the option of getting a vanity number, makes it easier to remember. The result is astonishing: up to 15% more response to your campaigns.

2. National appearance

If you use a local telephone number, customers from outside your region might hesitate to call you. With a servicenumber, customers cannot see where you are located. And even if customers would know your location, a freephone or a premium-rate number tells them that you operate nation-wide. And since you set the ring-to location of your servicenumber, you will never have to change your telephone number again, even if you move or expand to different locations.

3. Crystal clear connections

We understand how important it is to have an immaculate connection while you talk with your customers. That’s why we have invested heavily in the infrastructure behind our servicenumbers. Thanks to the CallFactory’s ISDN lines, our telephone connections are crystal clear and free of failure. This sounds evident, but not nearly all providers are able to meet these bare necessities.

4. Free extras

At the CallFactory you do not have to request an price quote. Why? Because with us, every customer pays the exact same price. All our customers have accees to the most complete set of features, including functionality which other providers only offer for substantial extra fees. CallFactory works on a large-scale, so we can offer all types of extras for free:

- Call queueing
- Pre-recorded welcome messages
- Virtual receptionist
- Extensive call statistics
- Voice2email
- Changing your ring-to number at any time
- Forward calls based on their postcode or area code

5. Affordable and clear tariff

Registering a servicenumber at Belfabriek only costs you € 22,5 a month. On an annual basis this often results in saving hundreds of euros with regard to other, traditional providers. Because you don’t have to pay extra for the extra features mentioned above, you know exactly where you stand. For highly individual and special requirements we are, of course, happy to offer a custom solution.

6. New source of income

Registering a premium-rate number could mean a nice new source of income. Some entrepreneurs even generate their entire income with these numbers. How? As the number owner, you set the tariff the caller pays. Choose an amount per conversation to earn a fixed amount per call, or select a call tariff per minute whereby the profit depends on how long the conversation lasts.

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