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Digital answering machine

You never have to miss a call. Even if all your colleagues are busy, the queue is too long or you are unable to pick up for other reasons.

In all these cases, callers can leave a message using voicemail.

You will receive the sound recording by e-mail. So you never have to miss a (potential) customer again. 

But what about setting up an order line based on this voice email? A large group of doctors have already set up a prescription line in this way.

What's nice is that these voice e-mails arrive as sound files in your e-mail. So you can listen to them at your leisure and have them edited if necessary.

The advantages

Increase your availability

The fact that you will never miss a call again and that you can deal with recorded messages at a time that suits you increases your accessibility.

Improve customer satisfaction

Your callers experience your organisation as more accessible if they can leave a message after promising that you will get back to them as soon as possible.

No extra software required

You receive each recorded message in .mp3 format that is playable with standard audio software you already have on your computer, tablet or phone.

Switch on your own digital answering machine today !

Voicemail is included in the Belfabriek subscription. You can activate this feature at any time without paying anything extra. You can speak the voicemail text yourself or have it spoken by our text-to-speech speechbot. Do you have any questions about our digital answering machine or do you need help registering? Our friendly colleagues are here to help you during office hours. Contact us !

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