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Digital answering machine

In all of these cases, callers can leave a message on your digital answering machine.

Activate your own digital answering machine today

The digital answering machine (also referred to as voice-2-email) is included in every CallFactory subscription. You can activate this feature at any time, at no additional charge. And our phone numbers and extra features work with every phone system and network. You don’t have to make any changes to your current infrastructure to use a CallFactory phone number.

Do you have any questions about our digital answering machine, or do you need help registering your phone number? You can reach our friendly customer service department during business hours at 0800-235 3227.

The advantages

Increase your availability

Because you’ll never miss a call and can play back and respond to messages at your convenience, you will increase your availability.

Improve customer satisfaction

Your callers will have a better opinion of your organization’s availability if you offer the option to leave a message and promise to call back asap.

No extra software required

Messages are recorded in mp3 format, which you can play back with the standard audio software already installed on your computer, tablet or phone.

All relevant information at hand.

Everything you need to return calls and address the caller’s question or complaint is already included in the email: the caller’s number, their message, and also what choices the caller made in the phone menu or what postal code they entered.