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More and more businesses are opting for VoIP telephony. Especially since the demise of ISDN, VoIP telephony has become extremely popular among small and medium-sized businesses. This is not surprising, as there are many benefits to VoIP telephony and a hosted PBX to go with it. This form of business telephony is also known as hosted VoIP or cloud telephony. With a business VoIP subscription, you have a VoIP phone and a VoIP number registered with our switchboard. This works over the internet using the VoIP protocol, which is faster and better than traditional telephony and a physical PBX. Read below to find out how it all works in the cloud and over the internet.

VoIP offers quality

VoIP stands for Voice Over IP. This is Voice over Internet Protocol. It means making calls over the internet. Making calls over the Internet has a number of advantages, one of which is sound quality. In fact, the sound quality is better than what we were used to with traditional phone lines, and even HD quality if the phones support it. This is because there is more bandwidth available for the voice channels. And a wider voice channel means better sound quality. By 2022, this will be the most widely used form of business telephony and a major advantage of Internet telephony. There are several options and features that we can include in 1 subscription if you choose us as your provider.

Business VoIP calls can be made anywhere

Finally, VoIP uses the Internet, so calls can be made wherever there is an Internet connection. This is great for businesses and organisations because you can connect to our PBX anywhere there is an internet connection. Calls can be answered from anywhere, so everyone can work perfectly from home. We have already provided a lot of VoIP telephony for home workers. These homeworkers are given a VoIP phone and can then make and receive unlimited calls via the VoIP connection we set up over their existing internet connection, ensuring happy colleagues (and customers). We can also do fixed to mobile, so you get the incoming calls on your mobile and no longer need a fixed phone. It is fully scalable to the number of users.

Options for even more convenience and customisation

VoIP offers much more. When you choose VoIP via Belfabriek, you also have the opportunity to use all sorts of practical telephone options. For example, you can record a welcome message for callers. Or, if you prefer an even more professional approach, you can have your welcome message recorded by a professional voice. Update 2023: We can also have this welcome message spoken by our text-to-speech computer, which sounds perfect!

If a digital answering machine is desired, the voicemail function can easily be activated to allow callers to leave a message. This feature is also useful for GP surgeries where repeat prescriptions are recorded by patients, saving a lot of time. All of these features are included in the business telephony we offer as a hosted VoIP solution. Whatever you want, our online PBX can always do more than traditional phones can. And if you want, we can add the option of unlimited calls, at least under a fair use policy.

How does applying for VoIP work?

If you are convinced of the benefits and have decided to use Voice over IP for your fixed telephony, you can do so quickly and easily. If you do not yet have a phone number at all, you can choose the VoIP solution that suits you best through us. We are not tied to any specific network for your VoIP connection.

Already have a phone number and want to switch to VoIP from Belfabriek? That too can be done quickly and easily. Whether you have a national or local phone number, you can keep your number.

You will not be inconvenienced by the switch. Customers call on the familiar phone number and incoming calls are routed wherever you want: flexibly to your mobile or fixed (VoIP) phones.

Unique advantages Belfabriek

- Complete business VoIP telephony package: business VoIP phone, online phone system, online calling software, web portal, app and fixed-to-mobile calls.

- All the features you need to take your business telephony to the next level, such as call recording, option menus and queuing, are included in our phone system.

- No new hardware or VoIP phones needed and works perfectly with your mobile phone too

- All kinds of numbers can be easily registered online: Germany, UK, USA and so forth.

- Prices from €9.95 per month

Own telephony VoIP interconnection, own telephony VoIP platform. Active and independent since 2000. Business customers rate our customer service and technical VoIP solutions with a 9.

Frequently asked questions:

No, we can also forward a VoIP number to your mobile number, for example. We then set up a direct connection on the mobile network, ensuring a perfect connection. No need to download softphones either. It just works! We can also forward calls to your current landline.

Yes. There are no more traditional phone lines, everything is digital. Even mobile networks are all VoIP now.

Absolutely! Because it is no longer a switchboard on site, but in our data centres. So you can log on to our switchboard via VoIP from multiple workstations, at home or in the office. Reduced availability is a thing of the past.

You do not need a dedicated business internet connection to get the best call quality. Everything is over the Internet Protocol (IP) and EU regulations are such that voice over normal connections must be properly routed by the current provider.

Yes, we do! We can provide connections to any data centre in Europe, we can set up 1 or more online VoIP PBX's in our data centre or on site or a hybrid form. We can also provide access to the code so that voice programmers can program themselves in C##. With numbers in 1 or more countries.

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