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Business phone number on mobile [How to]

Published in Voice over IP

As an ambitious entrepreneur, it is important to be available at all times.

Your website is online and you don't want to miss any calls. This is why it comes in handy to have a flexible business number.

A mobile number linked to your mobile phone is not convenient to use as a business number for your company on your website, leaflet or other advertising.

Some disadvantages of using your mobile number as a business number:

  • You must always be available to answer the phone, or you must leave the phone with someone else to answer it for you.

  • You cannot use a welcome message or a selection menu.

  • If you change your mobile phone and want to get a new mobile subscription, you can't just take a new number because your old mobile number is all over the ads.

  • If someone calls you on your mobile number, you must answer, otherwise the caller will go to voicemail or hang up without speaking.

  • You cannot easily record phone calls

You can never go on holiday or work alone. Or go on customer visits. It is not scalable, because what do you do when you get more and more customers and calls?

The moment you start to get more calls, you will see how handy 1 business number is. And the sooner you activate and use a business number, the better!

You will always be available for business. With fixed to mobile. No need to change your phone number on your promotional material.
Set up online who can take calls at what time and we will forward incoming calls to your colleague's landline or multiple mobile numbers.

We can also distribute calls to multiple phones so that everyone gets the same number of calls or so that 1 person is always called first. We make your business easily accessible with a perfect business look and feel.

Your mobile number can be used for personal calls only.
We also forward calls to this mobile number, but the business caller is unaware of this.

And because your business number is a virtual number, you are free to forward it to another mobile or landline number at any time.
When someone calls your business number, we will (if you want us to) play a short beep. The caller will not hear this. But it lets you know it is a business call. And you can greet them with your company name.

With 1 virtual main number, you can forward to an unlimited number of users. There are no limits to this form of business telephony. For example, there are local authorities that use it to set up an emergency number quickly and easily. Or large companies that use it to set up a dedicated sales number.

Our virtual phone number solution is therefore much more convenient for many applications than old-fashioned office telephony, where you are tied to a fixed office location with a fixed number.

You should also know that we route calls through our own interconnection with the GSM network.

So you don't need to download an app to receive calls. This is important because with telephony solutions that require an app, calls do not always come in. If the app is inactive or in sleep mode, calls will not come in.

Keep this in mind if quality is important to you. You won't realise you're missing calls until someone sends you an email saying you're not available!

So choose a technically perfect solution like Belfabriek, which will set up the landline number for you. You will then have a perfect business number for your mobile or landline.

The number remains your fixed number, making your company accessible wherever you are.
All numbers come with a range of free extra features. These features help you manage your calls in a customer-focused way and make you available wherever you are. These include a welcome message or a message with opening hours or other important information.

You can also record calls to this landline number. These recordings are sent as an audio file to your e-mail address.
Finally, you can set separate business and personal ringtones. This way you can immediately hear whether an incoming call is business or personal.

Get started today by registering your own business number !

Frequently asked questions:

The best thing to do is to activate your own business number as soon as possible and forward it to your mobile number. You will then have a separate, dedicated landline number that you can forward flexibly at any time. You can advertise this number everywhere and always stay in touch with your business.

Our solution works with an unlimited number of users. There are councils that have set up an instant call centre with 30 users. So there is no need to worry that this is a budget and/or limited telephony solution. This is a full, professional solution for the business market.

Yes, the number is a fixed number and can be used for any type of fixed or fixed-to-mobile service. You can switch and change at any time, it remains the same business number.

Our online portal allows you to see exactly who called you, at what time and for how long. You can see all callers at a glance.

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