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Business voicemail text | Professional and fun examples

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Ideally, you should be available to all customers at all times, but there will be times when you are unable to answer the phone and you would prefer potential customers to leave a voicemail with a message and phone number.

A caller also experiences voicemail as a contact moment, so it is important that this is as optimal as possible. There are many options, but what does a good business voicemail text actually sound like?

What is Business Voicemail?

A business voicemail is similar to a personal voicemail: when a call cannot be answered, a greeting is played, followed by a beep, after which the caller can leave a message. What makes a business voicemail different is that the message needs to be professional and leave a positive impression.

This means that careful thought must be given to a professional voice, the recorded text and the follow-up to the recorded voicemail message.

What is important when recording a business voicemail message?

"Welcome, our office is currently closed. You can try again during office hours or leave your number and message after the beep. We will call you back as soon as possible". This is just one example of a business voicemail text you might hear. Now that your customers have reached your voicemail, you might as well make the most of it. We list the most important points.

Choosing the right voice

The first and perhaps most important choice is the voice. Which voice do you think best suits your company? It could be your own voice or that of a colleague whose voice sounds professional.

Make sure that the person recording the professional voicemail text is articulate, speaks calmly and is clearly understood in a tone that suits the company. This can be very formal, but it can also be very light-hearted and casual. It all depends on how the company normally communicates.

One option often chosen is to have the voicemail text recorded by a professional voice actor. Choose the voice you like best and send us the text to be recorded. Most professional voice actors have their own home studio and will record a file the same working day. We upload this file to our switchboard and you will receive a professional voicemail immediately. Expect a one-off cost of around €100-150 for a business voicemail recording. Have a look at or where you can listen to professional voices and order and record them directly.

Another option is text-to-speech: you send us the text and we let the computer speak it. That sounds very good in 2023! If your own voice does not sound good enough and a voice actor is too expensive, or if you still change your texts from time to time, this is the best option for a professional voicemail. You can also use this for a standard welcome message or to say your name and phone number. We do not charge for the text-to-speech option.

So you can always create your own personal message and voicemail, or have us create it for you. Give us a good text and we will do the rest for a perfect business voicemail.

Fun voicemail texts

We mentioned earlier that it is important to speak to customers politely, both on the phone in a conversation and with a good voicemail message. Still, there are plenty of companies that like a voicemail message with a wink.

Nice voicemail texts you can think of include:

  • …And we will call you back as soon as we are off the roof (roofing or plumbing company)

  • …And we are going to get you an answer quickly (logistics, delivery, or courier company)

Logically, such a message should really suit you. If you are normally very formal in communication, nice voicemail texts are less suitable.

Sample texts for voicemail

Besides fun voicemail texts, there are also plenty of more formal sample texts for the switchboard or voicemail. Some common examples are:

  • "Hello and thank you for calling [company name / your name]. Please leave a brief message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Have a nice day!"

  • "You have called [company name]. We are unable to take your call at the moment, but would be happy to call you back. Please leave your name, number, the reason for your call and the best time to call you back - we don't want to miss you again. We hope to speak to you soon.

  • "Thank you for calling [your company]. We look forward to speaking with you. Please leave your name, contact details and the reason for your call and we will call you back as soon as we can. Have a nice day.

Above all, choose a voicemail text that suits your business. If you would like professional advice on how to record your business voicemail text, the Belfabriek is at your service.

Frequently asked questions:

Most voice artists have their own home studio and deliver the file within 1/2 working day.

You can also have a welcome message recorded along with a voicemail message by a voice. You then have a good message recorded for every occasion that we can play.

For business voicemail messages, we recommend that you do not use background noise to make your voicemail sound as professional as possible.

If you use a professional voice actor, they will always check the text and help you keep it short and to the point. This ensures that you get a good business voicemail.

If your messages change frequently, record them yourself or use our text-to-speech voice recorder. Then you will be most accessible with frequently changing texts.

We send voicemail messages to the email address you specify. This can also be a generic email address so that anyone on your team can listen and take immediate action on new prospects.

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