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Bulgaria is a mature European outsourcing destination – over 20 years of expertise


Flat rate numbers in Bulgaria

Memorable phone numbers:
  • 0700-88021Add to cart
  • 0700-24582Add to cart
  • 0700-96761Add to cart
  • 0700-49374Add to cart
  • 0700-70074Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • 0700-54964Add to cart
  • 0700-11467Add to cart
  • 0700-72059Add to cart
  • 0700-53874Add to cart
  • 0700-81428Add to cart

Toll free numbers in Bulgaria

Memorable phone numbers:
  • 0800-72483Add to cart
  • 0800-53233Add to cart
  • 0800-32225Add to cart
  • 0800-38739Add to cart
  • 0800-31846Add to cart
Memorable phone numbers:
  • 0800-49948Add to cart
  • 0800-23023Add to cart
  • 0800-37324Add to cart
  • 0800-55737Add to cart
  • 0800-42438Add to cart

People living in Bulgaria have a positive outlook towards the outsourcing industry in their country. With more than 75,000 people employed in BPOs and ITOs, the outsourcing and offshoring industry has provided several socioeconomic and livelihood benefits for them – including their families. Companies in the industry have a very strong people-oriented policies and spend much time and efforts in engaging their teams.